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Best Brewed As - Chemex, Pourovers

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100% Arabica Coffee.
Grown in a rare terroir, like the riverine island of Baankubedda, distinguished by gentle slopes, diversely shaded highland micro plots. This coffee is a natural process.

ARAKU Coffee is 100% Arabica with a rare aromatic profile, combining smoothness, balance and roundness.
It’s created by a global team of coffeeologists and agronomists working in tandem with tribal farmers, guaranteeing utmost quality at each step from seed to cup.
It is grown in ancestral terroirs, located on the highlands of the Araku region, nestled in the Eastern Ghats of India. Grown with an emphasis on regenerative agriculture, ARAKU is certified organic. It is nurtured in microplots and selectively harvested to fully express the richness of its unique character.