Goat Story

Why Choose Goat Story?

The Goat Story is a new-age brand launched in2014. The brand was crowdfunded on Kickstarter and now,  is promoted by the World Brewers Cup champion. 

From the beginning the Goat Story Mug received rave reviews. This response encouraged the brand to launch the Gina Multi Brewer in 2017. Since then, the brand has continuously innovated coffee brewing gadgets and taken them to the next level.

The Goat Story as a brand definitely thinks out of the box and looks to create unique, technologically advanced and highly efficient coffee gadgets and accessories. The Goat Story’s obsession with bringing new-age products to the consumer helps you to immerse yourself in a coffee experience like no other.

So, why choose The Goat Story?

Goat Story, as a brand and product manufacturer, promises one-of-a-kind experience. From the Goat Story Mug to the Gina Smart coffee brewer, each design is made to showcase the fund side of coffee brewing. 

All this while providing consumers with a new kind of coffee technology to experience. The Gina Smart coffee brewer comes with the added technology of bluetooth. This helps you access the brewer remotely.

Apart from these cutting-edge and fun elements, the Goat Story also has its own line of coffee. A few products from the brand that stands out include - Turkish coffee pot, manual and electric grinders.

Brand Overview

The Goat Story is your perfect ally for home brewing. It simplifies the brewing process for coffee home brewers. 

The name of the brand is inspired by the folklore that coffee was first discovered by goats in Ethiopia. From the Goat Story mug that resembles a goat’s horn to the Gina coffee brewer, the products go from helping you brew great coffee to carrying the brew without being worried about spillage. 

As a brand, they are driven by a team of engineers and coffee aficionados who have set out to revolutionise the coffee brewing process. They are keen to offer something new to coffee lovers, home brewers while being super efficient and ahead of the curve.

Brand's Mission and Values

The Goat Story is driven by passion and ambition to create a unique, innovative line of products for coffee lovers. Although they have been around for close to a decade, they are relatively a new brand given the legacy companies in the coffee space world over. Yet, they manage to bring in best-of-class coffee gear and a fresh spin on everything they create. 

At Goat Story, they have one clear objective - to take you on a fulfilling coffee journey and help you explore all the facets that a coffee bean has to offer. Their gears are designed with precisely this principle in mind. Besides, the brand is made of a closely knit team of coffee professionals and determined individuals who are on the lookout to make good coffee products better.

Range of Products from Goat Story

The Goat Story range of products is different, innovative and reliable. They have managed to produce some really unique coffee brewers and accessories that can truly level up your coffee game.

Goat Story Mugs: These unique Goat Story mugs are a best-seller. They come in the shape of a long and elegant goat's horn. 

It is easy to hold, open and use. The leather strap makes it easy to carry the mug around wherever you go. It also comes in multiple colours.

The mug can hold up to 470 ml of liquid inside. Plus, the mug is leak-proof.

Goat Story Gina Manual Multi Brewer (with Bluetooth): The Gina Manual Brewer along with its cutting-edge technology allows you to brew your coffee in three different ways. You can prepare delicious cups of Pour Over coffee, brew via immersion or even make a cold drip during hot days.

The Goat Story Gina Manual Multi-Brewer comes with added bluetooth technology. Through this technology, you can access and operate the brewer anytime via your smartphone. Although bluetooth enhances your coffee-making process, you can choose the Gina Multi Brewer without the bluetooth option.

Goat Story Gina Glass Pitcher: The Goat Story Gina Glass Pitcher is the perfect ally to the Gina Multi Brewer. It makes a great pitcher stand-alone as well.

The pitcher can hold up to 700 ml of your brews. Made from borosilicate glass, it can withstand heat, cold and general wear.

Quality & Craftsmanship

A sharp team of engineering experts and passionate coffee lovers are behind The Goat Story. They make sure to include the latest technology in their products while maintaining the highest quality of products. They also, in the brand's true fashion, add a bit of fun and finesse to it.

The brand is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. For instance, the Gina Smart Coffee Brewer was awarded the Red Dot Product Design and the Good Design Award. Additionally, the products have received excellent reviews from the users for their products.

Each of their products is durable and heat resistant. They are designed to last for a long period of time with superior-quality materials. They also make sure to work on feedback from their consumers regularly. This way, they ensure their products are constantly updated for the best.

They are also on top of the coffee game when it comes to technology. The addition of Bluetooth in their Goat Story Gina coffee brewer is an example. It allows you to stay connected to your smartphone - where you can store your favourite coffee recipes, check the proportions of coffee to water and much more. The Gina brewer can also double up as a tea brewer. 

User Experience

Goat Story's products have earned a special place among  coffee enthusiasts around the world. Whether you're just embarking on your coffee journey or a seasoned coffee aficionado, including Goat Story items in your home brewing setup can enhance your coffee experience significantly.

What sets Goat Story apart is not just the quality of their products but their distinctive look, as well as their incorporation of impressive features and advanced technology. Their innovative designs, such as the Goat Story horn-shaped coffee mug, bring an element of style and whimsy to your coffee corner. This blend of aesthetics and functionality can elevate your daily coffee ritual into something fun.

One of the key reasons for Goat Story's widespread recognition is the customer review. The brand's growth from a small manufacturer to its current status can be attributed to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and feedback from its customers. So, when you invest in a Goat Story item, you can be confident that you're getting a product that is not only well-crafted but also extremely useful.

In summary, Goat Story has carved a niche for itself in the world of coffee enthusiasts. They have achieved this through their unique designs, excellent features and the trust it has earned from its customer base. Adding Goat Story products to your home brewing setup is a delightful way to infuse some fun and functionality into your coffee routine, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable experience with each cup you brew.

Closing Lines

The brand brings unique designs and savvy technology together and engineers them to perfection. All of this has one objective - to take home brewers like you through a wonderful journey of coffee brewing.

The Goat Story started off with one brilliantly designed product and has now grown to deliver a range of products that coffee lovers appreciate worldwide.

You can check out the interesting range of The Goat Story products on Something's Brewing Website.

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