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Why Choose Espro?

Espro, a renowned brand in the world of coffee brewing, stands out as an excellent choice for those starting their home brewing journey. With a range of products that are innovative and long-lasting, the brand has earned a stellar reputation among coffee enthusiasts.

One compelling reason to choose Espro for your home brewing needs is the precision and consistency of the coffee gears. Espro's products are meticulously designed to deliver a reliable and repeatable brewing process. This ensures that each cup of coffee you brew with their products tastes excellent.

Moreover, Espro's product range caters to various preferences and brewing methods. Whether you're a fan of French Press, Pour Over or Espresso, Espro offers a diverse selection of equipment designed to meet the specific needs of different brewing styles. This versatility makes Espro a go-to for coffee aficionados seeking reliable tools.

So, why should you choose Espro?

Choosing Espro for your coffee home brewing journey means choosing reliability. With a focus on enhancing the overall coffee experience, Espro offers a range of products that every coffee lover needs in their coffee corner.

Innovation is a key aspect that sets Espro apart. The brand has introduced cutting-edge technologies and design elements to elevate the home brewing experience of every coffee lover. This is especially true for those who are always on the go.

For example, Espro's patented double micro-filter in their French presses provides a cleaner cup by eliminating grit and sediment. This results in smoother and more refined cups of coffee. 

Furthermore, the brand's emphasis on craftsmanship and durability further solidifies its appeal. In each of their products, they employ materials and meticulous manufacturing processes. This durability not only speaks to the longevity of Espro's brewing equipment but also reflects a commitment to sustainability by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Brand Overview | Espro

Espro, a Canadian-origin brand, has emerged as a leading name in the world of coffee home brewing. The brand has earned a global reputation for its innovative range of coffee brewers and accessories. Founded in 2002 by Bruce Constantine and Chris McLean, Espro was conceived with a vision of revolutionising the coffee brewing experience at home.

The brand's journey began with the creation of the Espro Press. The Espro Press is an excellent and innovative spin on the classic French Press. This reinvention comes with a unique double micro-filter system, setting a new standard of cleanliness and flavour extraction. This innovation propelled Espro into the limelight and laid the foundation for its continued success.

Today, Espro has firmly established itself as a reputed brand in the world of coffee. They are known for their precision-engineered brewing equipment that caters to the diverse preferences of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. Furthermore, Espro products are well-received by home brewers as well as endorsed by professionals in the coffee industry. This further solidifies the brand's status as a go-to choice for those who will not settle for anything less than the perfect cup of coffee.

Brand’s Value & Mission | Espro

At the heart of Espro's mission is the commitment to enhancing the coffee experience for individuals. They do so by providing them with the tools to brew exceptional coffee in the comfort of their homes.

One of Espro's primary values is a dedication to precision. The brand recognizes the importance of consistency and accuracy in brewing. So, they aim to design and manufacture equipment that ensures every cup meets the highest standards of quality. This precision is reflected in the meticulous design and engineering of their products. Plus, they are always set out to leverage innovative technologies to optimise the brewing process.

Innovation is another cornerstone of Espro's identity. The brand continually seeks to push the boundaries of traditional brewing methods. They achieve this by introducing novel approaches and cutting-edge features. This not only sets the brand apart from its competitors but also provides you with state-of-the-art tools that can elevate your coffee home brewing experience.

These values form the foundation of a brand that not only produces outstanding brewing equipment but also cultivates a community of coffee lovers united by a shared passion for excellence in every cup.

Range of Products by Espro

Espro's product range excels in delivering precision and innovation to coffee enthusiasts. The Espro Travel Press combines a portable French press with a double micro-filter system, ensuring a grit-free and flavorful on-the-go brewing experience. For Pour Over aficionados, the Espro Bloom coffee brewer stands out, offering a consistent and rich extraction. 

Complementing these products, Espro's proprietary paper filters are designed to enhance the Pour Over brews. With the Travel Press, Pour Over brewer, and specialised filter papers, Espro caters to the discerning tastes of coffee lovers seeking excellence in every cup.

Espro Ultralight Travel Press

Enjoy freshly brewed cups of coffee at work, or travel with the lightest travel press in the market. Made with vacuum-sealed, double-walled stainless steel material, the brewer keeps your coffee hot and fresh for hours.

  • Lightweight and Portable: Designed to be extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry during travel and outdoor activities
  • Double-Walled Insulation: Stainless steel double-wall provides excellent insulation to keep your beverage hot for a long time
  • Dual Filter System: Espro's patented double micro-filter system helps brew cleaner cups of coffee
  • Leak-Proof Seal: Features a leak-proof seal, allowing you to toss it in your bag or backpack without worrying about spills or leaks

Espro Bloom Pour Over

With a unique patented design, the Espro Bloom is a top-notch coffee maker. It brews delicious coffee 30% faster than standard Pour Over coffee makers.

  • Unique Flat Design: Uniquely designed bed geometry ensures the coffee grounds are protected and fully extracted
  • Microfilter Structure: A patented 1502-hole microfilter and brew bed consistently bring out the coffee’s best flavours
  • Dual Mode Brewer: Can brew coffee with or without filters and both modes produce clean, delicious cups
  • 30% Faster Brew Time: The steep slope design in the brewer enables exceptional coffee within only 2 minutes
  • Durable Build: Made of high-quality metal and a tough rubber sleeve, the brewer lasts for a very long time

Closing Lines

In conclusion, choosing Espro for your coffee home brewing journey means selecting a brand that promises precision and innovation. With meticulously designed products such as the Travel Press and the Bloom Pour Over maker, Espro stands at the forefront of the coffee brewing experience.

Their dedication to quality, durability, and the use of advanced technologies, makes Espro the discerning choice for those who seek perfection in every cup.


You can purchase the range of Espro products on Something's Brewing website.

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