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Tulum Coffee Baarbara HSD

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The Coffee
Tan | Baarbara Estate
At an elevation of 5350 ft above sea level, Baarbara estate has been reaching for the clouds since 1896. 

This Baarbara estate coffee is hazelnutty with a tinge of coconut. It is heavy-bodied and is roasted to a medium-dark to give you the perfect kick in the morning. It is complex in its flavour with a lingering aftertaste, making it ideal for a strong black coffee or a milk-based beverage. 
For a Cold-Brew, we suggest going 50-50 with Baarbara HSD and Thogarihunkal Washed to bring out the best flavour.
📍 Location - Bababudangiri, Chikmagalur
🔃 Process - Honey Sun Dried
🚥 Roast level - Medium-Dark
⛰ Altitude - 3850 - 5350ft
🥥 Flavour Notes - Hazelnut, Coconut, Apricot
⚙️ Suggested equipment: Filter Coffee, Espresso, French Press, Cold Brew
*No added honey, sugar, flavour, chicory or preservatives

The Roaster
Tulum is a specialty coffee roasting business founded in Mumbai. Our journey has taken us from Brazil to Mexico, where we were introduced to coffee and learned the craft. Tulum's Speciality is that we keep the entire coffee selection process for the customer extremely simple. We chose only one coffee from each estate that fits our criteria of being the best thus our coffees are the ' chosen one'. we go through tasting a lot of samples so one can be sure that our coffees are the best. And we only use coffees from the best estates, which we complement with our expertise in roasting, to do justice to those delicious green coffees.