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Dope Ground And Whole Coffee Dope Nilgiri

Dope Nilgiri

Medium Roast | Indian Origin

Rs. 480.00

Musty, mellow and Earthy Notes

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French Press



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Dope Nilgiri Coffee, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica

If your coffee plantation is right next to a leopard sanctuary, things are definitely going to get wild. Coming from way down South, Nilgiri aka ‘Blue Mountain’ coffee is one of Tamil Nadu’s finest beans. Grown alongside the combo of sugar-cane, orange and eucalyptus, this one’s got flavours that are modern and distinct. Taste Notes: Butterscotch, Malt, Jaggery and Raisin. 





Musty, Mellow, Earthy




"OUR STORY Instead of boring you with some generic copy, here's the real deal: We just really love coffee, man. We're obsessed with finding the most amazing beans, roasting them fresh and sending them your way every day, just so that when you take that first sip your eyes light up and you go, �Damn. That�s some Dope Coffee.� At Dope, we get it. Coffee is a super personal drink that�s had a really long, complicated and cool history. It means a lot of different things to different people. For a few, it�s a lifestyle, a regular ritual that they�re as obsessive about as we are. For others, it�s the magic juice that gets hours of work done in minutes before a deadline. And for most, it's their drink of choice for a nice afternoon out with someone they love. So if coffee can be so versatile, why can�t we as roasters? But no matter how you like your coffee, if it�s brewed with crazy good beans that have been freshly roasted, anyone can tell the difference. So that's why we're always about keeping it fresh 24x7x365. Now, besides the fresh life, we�re also about giving back. The coffee we source comes in from farmers that put in a lot of work to pull out beans that have so much flavour. We respect that. We want to be able to fund a better life for them through our work. We�re transparent about the plantations we take from and are proud enough to use their names on the menu because we want you to know them too. So that�s what we�re about - the dope stuff roasted fresh and sent to your door because life�s too short for bad coffee. Now go forth and stay Dope!

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