Cafelat Robot Lever Espresso Machine

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If you have a techie bent of mind when it comes to coffee making then you must try Cafelat’s Robot Espresso, introduced by the wizard of espresso machines, Paul Pratt. With a playful, quirky and retro-looking design masterminded by the Danish designer and artist Karina Mencke, the Robot Espresso has quickly become Cafelat’s flagship product. 

Aligned with thoughtful Danish design philosophy, the Cafelat Robot is a striking piece of kit. An extremely sturdy unit made of stainless steel with a lightweight basket with its own steel dispersion screen along with a fitted steel tamper. The gasket on the piston is made of food-grade silicone. Being the only removable parts, the portafilter and dispersion screen ensures that the workflow remains uncomplicated as you take up the task of serious brewing.  

All you need is ground coffee, some hot water from a kettle and you are all set to begin. Simply disconnect the portafilter and preheat with hot water. Then the basket needs to be filled with freshly ground coffee and tamp. Put in place the dispersion screen and fill the reservoir with hot water. Remember to lock in the portafilter. Gently press down the Robot arms evenly to start the process of extraction and enjoy your piping espresso within no time at all.

The unit comes with a pressure gauge system which is handy when it comes to pulling shots. The involvement of the pressure gauge helps in precise pressurized extraction delivering the perfect espresso shot. The product is easy to clean and can last you a lifetime if you maintain it properly. 


  • Smart Design: The Cafelat Robot comes with a stainless steel body and lever arms along with 58 mm filter baskets. The mechanism of pushing down the lever activates the internal piston, forcing the hot water through the coffee creating the thick syrupy espresso. The Patent Pending pressure system takes the pressure reading from inside the basket enabling you to manipulate pre-infusion, flow and pressure in real-time to get the best from your coffee.
  • Easy and Hassle-free Cleaning: Makes clean-up easier more than ever before. With proper handling it extends the life of your Robot Cafelat, lasting you for a lifetime. Simply disassemble the removable parts and hand wash it with soap and water.
  • Safe Materials: The main structure and bases of the Robot are made of aluminium. The remaining parts are manufactured from stainless steel. FDA approved silicone is the material used for the piston seal.


  • Barista Version comes with a pressure gauge on the lever for a more controlled extraction. Regular Version does not come with a pressure gauge on the machine.
  • Professional portafilters work with finely ground coffee. The tamped coffee grounds provide the resistance and serve to build the needed 8-9 bars of pressure in the basket. This forces gases out of the grounds, and the overall extraction results in a rich-tasting and balanced espresso with great crema, emulsified with coffee proteins and oils. However, with pressurized portafilters, the grind needs to be coarser because the fine espresso grind blocks the dual-wall basket mechanism and doesn’t allow water pressure to build in and open the tiny valve.

  • Kit includes 1 x Cafelat Robot Barista Espresso Maker, 1 x Full set of pressure gauge installed, 1 x portafilter, 1 x portafilter spout, 1 x basket of your choice, 1 x stainless steel tamper, 1 x stainless steel filter screen, 1 x bag of filter paper as a replacement of filter screen, 1 x silicone mat, 1 x Piston blanking plug, 1 x Teflon washer 

  • Dimensions: 25.40 cm width x 16.51 cm depth x 30.48 cm normal height and 48.26 cm height with arms raised
  • Unit Weight: 2.80 kgs
  • Coffee Basket Capacity: Up to 25 gms of coffee
  • Coffee Basket Volume: Approx. 145 ml
  • Coffee Basket Diameter: 57.5 mm
  • Made of: Premium Aluminium Body and Stainless Steel
  • Available in: creamy white, blue and retro green colour variants
  • Product Designed and Manufactured in Hongkong

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