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Lelit Home Coffee Machines Lelit Mara X - PL62X On Pre Order
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Lelit Mara X - PL62X On Pre Order

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Coffee Machine with E61 type group ad automatic control of the extraction temperature. The perfect coffee at the right temperature in just 24 Minutes, Stable Thermal equilibrium with any coffee blend. 

Innovative System:
  • The double probe system (patent pending) keeps the brewing temperature constant, eliminating the long waits between each coffee and avoiding the overheating typical of classical HX systems.
Silent Pump:
  • Mara X is extremely quiet thanks to the silent pump and provides a water flow designed to extract the best out of any kind of coffee and roast at every brewing phase.
  • The energy-saving system reduces the pressure in the steam boiler after a period of inactivity. When switched on, the machine warms up in 24 minutes max.


  • E61 type group with mechanical pre-infusion compatible with LELIT58 barista tools
  • Double probe HX System with thermosyphon circulation (Patent pending)
  • Silent pump
  • Temperature configuration button (Warm - Hot - Extra Hot)
  • Mode setting button (Classic HX mode or X mode)
  • Professional water-steam taps with spring closure
  • Machine ready and/or warming-up LED
  • Lack of water in the tank or no-tank LED
  • Active "Reserve mode"
  • I/O stainless steel back-lit switch
  • Double manometer for pump/steam pressure
  • Brushed stainless steel appliance body with cup warmer rack and drip tray with wire grate
  • Anti-burn multidirectional steam and hot water wands
  • Mug friendly
  • Adjustable feet
  • Boiler: 1.8 l with AISI316L stainless steel heat-exchanger
  • Water tank: 2.5 l
  • Dimensions LxDxH: 22x41x35 cm
  • Weight: 18.8 kg


    • LELIT58 2-ways filter-holder with classic polished black handle and Coffee Slide spout.
    • LELIT58 1 dose filter (9-11 g), 
    • LELIT58 2 doses filter (14-18 g),  
    • LELIT58 2 doses PLUS filter (18-21 g),
    • LELIT58 blind filter, IMS 
    • LELIT58 stainless steel tamper with red wooden handle
    • Spoon for coffee powder
    • Cup rack 
    • 35 l water softener filter 
    • First cleaning kit
    • Small brush with nylon bristles.



    1. Plug in your coffee machine and turn on the power switch. Remove the reservoir lid and fill the removable water tank with filtered water.   
    2. Once blue light is illuminating your machine is now ready for brewing. 
    3. Lift the machine’s brew level to begin filling the brew boiler with water and return the lever to off position.  
    4. Take a cup, open the steam wand valve. Ensure that the boiler is full once a steady stream of water is coming through the steam wand.  


    How to make Espresso, Americano, Milk beverages & Teas

    For espresso:  

    1. Grind your coffee (16-18gms) into your portafilter and tamp it evenly.  
    2. Insert the portafilter in the group head of your coffee machine and lift the brew level to start extracting.  
    3. Brew your espresso shots for about 24-26 seconds in your coffee machine.  
    4. If the shot is finishing too quickly, adjust the grinder to a finer grind size. If the shot is taking too long to finish, adjust the grinder to a coarser grind size. Pull the shot following the same parameters. Taste the Espresso shot.  
    5. If the Espresso shot tastes under extracted, i.e., overpowering acidity (sourness) and astringency, the grind size is too coarse and the flow rate is high. Adjust the grinder to a finer grind size and pull an Espresso shot. Taste the shot.   
    6. If the Espresso shot tastes over extracted, i.e., ashy, smoky flavour that goes hand in hand with a lack of any lingering finish of the espresso in the mouth, the grind size is too fine and flow rate is slow. Adjust the grinder to a coarser setting and pull an Espresso Shot. Taste the shot.  
    7. If there is a balance between the acidity, sweetness, bitterness and complexity, your Espresso is dialled in and you can continue to use these parameters.  

    For lattes & cappuccino:  

    1. Pull out espresso shot in your cup.  
    2. Rotate the steam knob and purge some water from the steam wand to make room for boiler for steam.  
    3. Within a minute, you will see a good amount of steam is coming out of the steam tip of your coffee machine.  
    4. You are now ready to start steaming.   
    5. Take chilled milk in your pitcher and insert the wand in your pitcher at a correct angle and start steaming your milk.  
    6. Once you are finished with the steaming, press the steam button again to return to brewing mode.  
    7. Pour steamed milk over the espresso and create a desired latte art. Your coffee is ready to have.    

    For Americanos:  

    1. Take a mug and place it under the hot water dispenser of your coffee machine.  
    2. Press the hot water valve and fill your mug up to 3/4th capacity and press the valve again to shut the water off.  
    3. Once water is dispensed, pull an espresso shot on top of the hot water. Your hot Americano is now ready.  

    For Iced Coffee:   

    1. In a glass, add a few cubes of ice.  
    2. Pour in cold milk, and add a shot of espresso on top to make a layered iced coffee.  
    3. You can add flavours like hazelnut, caramel, chocolate etc. to make a flavoured iced coffee.    

    For Teas:  

    1. Take a mug and place it under the hot water dispenser of your coffee machine, press the hot water valve and fill your mug up to 3/4th capacity and press the valve again to shut the water off.  
    2. Immerse your tea bag in the mug and set the timer and let it brew for 3-5minutes. Fill the rest with hot water.  


    Production CountryItaly
    Bolier / ThermoblockHeat Exchanger
    Water tank capacity1.8L
    Beverage OptionsAll 
    Pressure GaugeYes
    Portafilter Size58mm
    PumpVibratary Pump
    Bolier SizeHeat exchanger 
    Body MaterialStainless Steel
    Cup warmer Option Avalable Yes
    Separte Water Outlet Yes
    Tamper Size58mm