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Mahlkonig Grinders Turkish Burrs Mahlkönig EK43S, Shop Coffee Grinder
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Mahlkönig EK43S, Shop Coffee Grinder

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Mahlkönig’s  EK43S sets a new standard for speed and versatility, making it an excellent choice for busy cafes, restaurants and any business selling retail coffee. This grinder is the perfect choice if you are looking out for a wide range of grinding functions and fineness settings.

EK43S, as a game-changer of a coffee grinder is known for its superb particle uniformity and high extraction potential without running into bitterness. It’s portable nature makes it an easy fit to your bar workflow, cabinets or shelves.

The EK43S lays out the most even extraction of the coffee's valuable aroma and is known to be a guarantor for an outstanding grinding performance, taste experience and a symbol of quality. Its special shape has become an icon within the international barista community, which is deeply connected to the EK43S by its shared passion for coffee.


  • Multiple Grind Settings: With a wide variety of grind settings and an unique adaptability as retail coffee grinders, EK43S is the perfect choice for business owners offering the customers an experience of on-site grinding of retail beans for anything from drip coffee, to espresso, to ultra-fine Turkish coffee.
  • High Grinding Capacity:  High grinding capacity is necessary for fast-paced settings and EK43S is the pioneer in processing large quantities of coffee at lightning speed.
  • Large Burrs: For coffee grinders, the number of rotations the burrs makes largely determines temperature control. Larger burrs make fewer rotations, resulting in a cooler environment for the beans.
  • Bag Clamp: Equipped with clamps to hold retail coffee bags in place while you grind, EK43 diminishes the need to make height adjustments for shorter bags if you carry them.
  • Stepless Grind Adjustment: With an easy-to-use dial, you can adjust the grind fluidly for diverse fineness settings and master the art of grinding for the highest quality coffee.


      • Mahlkönig EK43S

      HOW TO USE

      How to setup: 

      1. Open the box, you will find a setup manual which is very handy for reference. 
      2. In the box you will find an Allen wrench. 
      3. Loosen the set screws on the adjustment knob by turning it counterclockwise. 
      4. Do the same with the other screw as well. 
      5. Once it's done, you are ready to turn the centre shaft which adjusts the distance between the burrs. 
      6. Now turn on the grinder and turn the center shaft until you hear the burrs meet. 
      7. Once you are there you are ready to grind. 
      8. Tighten the screw while making sure that the knob is at the zero-mark position. 
      9. Once you are there you are ready to grind. 

      How to Calibrate: 

      1. The Ek 43 has 16 grind settings that you can calibrate from 1 being finest and 16 being the coarsest. 
      2. It starts with fine grind to coarse from that of an espresso to wider range of coarse grind sizes. 
      3. Switch on the grinder and set the grind size you want to grind it for. 
      4. Put the cofee beans unclock the blade and your grind is ready. 

      How to Clean: 

      • On a daily basis, make sure to not leave any coffee in the hopper.  
      • Clean the hopper and ground bin with a cloth post use. 
      • In order to make sure that your grinder is not clogging or doesn’t have oil build-up overtime. Use products like Grindz by Urnex to deep clean your burrs from inside. 




      Idle speed1450 rpm (50 Hz); 1760 rpm (60 Hz)
      Burr diameter98 mm
      Burr materialCast steel
      Average grinding capacity6-8 g/s
      Bean hopper capacityapprox. 800 g
      Max. nominal power1300 W
      Dimensions (w x h x d)23cm x 68cm x 41 cm
      Dimensions of packing (w x h x d)37 x 58 x 71 cm
      Net weight24.5 kg
      Gross weight28.5 kg
      Made in CountryGermany


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