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Why Choose Acaia?

Acaia as a coffee company brings together two concepts seamlessly to help you brew the most delicious cups of coffee at home. The concepts are - high-quality and the latest technology. The coffee home brewing equipment by the brand is also popular for its sleek designs and glitch-free construction. More specifically, the Acaia Pearl Scale is a go-to for home brewers and professionals across the world.

The Acaia range of products is not only stylish but also extremely durable and in case of any issues, you can fix them easily. Made from high-quality materials and engineered for reliability, you can use Acaia products throughout your coffee journey.

Most importantly, at Acaia, they understand the needs and requirements of the specialty coffee community well. Therefore, each product released by them stands out in terms of quality, design and functionality. 

So, why choose Acaia Scale and Coffee Accessories?

When it comes to coffee accessories, more specifically coffee weighing scales, Acaia has transformed the market. Their designs are functional, minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. 

The technology that goes into making these scales is seamless. The scales appeal to the overall coffee community because they provide accurate readings. This makes it an excellent product to be used at a commercial and personal level. 

Furthermore, the team at Acaia is a mix of coffee industry professionals, developers and product designers. They come together to elevate the coffee accessories to a higher level. They also pay attention to what the coffee community has to say and henceforth, they engage in feedback loops. This way, they create better products as time passes.

Brand Overview

Acaia started operations in the year 2013. Their first and hit product was the Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale. When the team realised there was a need for accurate and precise coffee weighing scales, they did meticulous research and developed the Acaia Pearl. The coffee weighing scale became a favourite among home brewers and professional baristas almost instantly. 

With a combination of seamless technology and simplistic designs, Acaia managed to develop a world class weighing scale. After the success of the Pearl Scale, they continued to develop more such products that became a go-to for numerous coffee brewers worldwide.

Acaia has been around in the coffee industry for close to ten years and has made giant strides in the coffee equipment space. The Acaia Pearl was awarded the Best New Product Award in 2014 at the SCAA Expo. Besides, their products have excellent reviews from the coffee community.

Brand Mission & Values | Acaia

Acaia’s mission is to provide high-tech assistance to the craft of coffee brewing. To attain this mission they collaborate with manufacturers, stay in touch with the community and emphasise top notch quality.


They take meticulous care in every step of the manufacturing process. They improve their existing products after taking in due feedback from their users. Furthermore, they are constantly in touch with the coffee community and believe in enhancing every step of the coffee brewing process.

As a leading name in the coffee space, they ensure their products are made with durable materials. They provide premium quality products at affordable prices by relying on modern manufacturing techniques, quality materials and a continuous feedback loop from the consumers.

Range of Products from Acaia

Acaia has a range of scales that are suitable for commercial and home setups. These scales are designed after accessing consumer needs and feedback. Their best-selling scales include the Acaia Lunar Scale and the Acaia Pearl Scale. 

Acaia Lunar Scale

Designed for brewing creamy, delicious shots of espresso with accuracy, the Lunar Scale by Acaia is a must-have for anyone with an espresso machine. The scale is made of durable materials and it is water-resistant. 

It is useful for commercial spaces where espressos are brewed in large numbers. If you are a home barista looking to level up your coffee game, you can go with the Acaia Lunar Scale as well. 

Besides, the scale has the advanced technology of Save Tare. This feature saves the weight of your preferred coffee container making it easy to brew your recipe any time you like.

Acaia Pearl Scale

The Acaia Pearl was the first product that was designed by the team. It is one of their best-selling and widely-appreciated products. The scale is available in two colours - black and white.

These scales are reliable and provide accurate readings of your espresso. You can also use it for making your manual brews. Further, these scales allow you to read the weight along with the brewing time.

Other features in the scale include a flow rate indicator and easy tare. The Pearl Scale is also the scale that won the award for Best New Product Design in 2014. 

Acaia Pearl S (White)

The Acaia Pearl S model is one of their most advanced coffee scales. It has several impressive features such as a weight monitor feature and a time and flow rate monitor feature. Plus, it can help you track your brew with an inbuilt sound feature. This way, you will be notified if your brew goes out of control. 

Besides, the scales are designed to display coffee brewing guides. You can add your brew recipe to the Acaia app and start brewing amazing cups of coffee with assistance.

Quality & Craftsmanship | Acaia Products

Acaia products are made using high-grade components that make these products last a very long time. Wherever software is required, the team merges it with their products seamlessly. This way, the products' build and app are reliable at any point in time. They make sure that the scales that they produce have a long run time and are adaptable to technology changes.

The quality of the Acaia products is excellent and provides little to no problems for the end user. They also provide expert guidance and help troubleshoot any problems. 

Acaia designs are sleek, compact and minimalistic. They are easy to use, and help you with accurate readings to brew your perfect cup of coffee. They are also extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain. 

User Experience | Acaia Scales

Most users have found the Acaia scale to be very useful and reliable in terms of reading. They find the design, aesthetic appeal and accurate readings extremely helpful.

Users have also found the scale easy to use. The Acaia scales are rechargeable and not battery operated which some users found useful. The scale also has a beverage mode that helps you with a step to step guide for brewing coffee which users new to coffee find very informative. 

Overall users have a majority of good things to say about the Acaia scale and it has helped them in their overall coffee brewing experience. Baristas, home coffee brewers and established cafes all have found the Acaia range of weighing scales to be the right product for their day to day coffee experiments. 

Closing Lines

Acaia scales are accurate, precise and smartly designed. They are incorporated with high quality components along with up to date technology which can improve the overall coffee brewing experience.

Acaia has been around for a decade and users of their scales have claimed that these are probably the best scales they have used.

You can shop the range of Acaia scales on the Something’s Brewing website.

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