Goat Story Gina, Manual Multi Brewer, Bluetooth Connectivity

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Welcome to the world of smart coffee brewing with Gina by Goat Story, that offers a simplistic approach to coffee making minus the fussy set-up. The Gina coffee maker comes with a nice and stable steel frame with an award-winning design (reddot 2018) integrating three brewing methods. The precision valve is Gina’s secret to the versatility that takes complete control of the flow and allows you to adjust the drip speed. Your smart brewing assistant comes in the form of a dedicated app that connects to the integrated scale helping you to get the most out of your coffee beans. Available as a Bluetooth connected smart drip cone that comes suspended like a laboratory flask and a carafe at the base allows you to choose between brewing a pour-over, immersion brew, cold drip or hybrid brewing. Gina is the heart of Goat Story that is a nifty contraption with neat styling. Made of high-end ceramic glass, the instrument is ideal for both cold drip coffee and cold brews that can satisfy the caffeine lovers' cravings to the core.


  • Built-in Scale: Now you never have to go wrong in your coffee and water measurements as Gina’s precision scale that is connected to the Gina app allows you to weigh your ingredients while brewing your drink.
  • Brewing Techniques: Gina by Goat Story offers access to three brewing techniques - pour-over, immersion and cold drip. The instrument can even make tea.
  • Valve: The valve allows you to completely adjust the water drop speed for a brewing technique of your choice with a smooth turn of a knob.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connects to your phone with the machine’s Bluetooth technology.
  • Gina App: A dedicated app guides you through the coffee brewing mechanism and connects to an extended community of coffee lovers. Access a library of brewing recipes or share some of your own.
  • Easy to Clean: Made of high-end ceramic and glass materials, the Gina comes with a removable funnel and pitcher that can be washed in running water and soap.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The instrument is easily rechargeable with a USB charger. Each charge allows for up to 20 hours brewing time and 30 days of standby (1000 mAh Li-Polymer battery).


  • Brewing Volume: Brews up to 750 ml of coffee at once
  • Unit Weight: 2 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 34.5cm x 16.3cm x 13.5cm
  • Basic Gina Kit includes: 1 funnel, 1 pitcher, 1 steel frame
  • Smart Gina Kit includes: 1 funnel, 1 pitcher, 1 steel frame, USB charger
  • Available in: a standard and electronic version offering the same brewing techniques
  • Available in a white, steel and black colour variant
  • Designed in Slovenia
  • Made in China

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