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Something's Brewing Home Coffee Station Coffee Station Accessories Combo
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Coffee Station Accessories Combo

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Milk Steaming Pitcher - Copper 350 ML
The Kaapi Machines milk pitcher works wonders with a handheld milk frother, and is crafted using stainless steel with anti-rust and scratch resistant features. Time to enjoy the perfect milk beverage!


Professional spout: Designed to help you develop your latte art skills by offering full control over the milk pouring speed and placement.

Thick walls: The 1mm thick stainless steel is incredibly durable, and slows down the heating process.

Ergonomic design: Comfortable handle keeping the busy brewer in mind

Budan 58mm Coffee Tamper - Wooden Handle
Upgrade to a new tamper get Budan’s tamper has been specifically designed so you can level coffee like a Barista

Coffee Leveler 58mm

A Leveler is a distribution tool used to groom the coffee in your portafilter quickly and easily. With this leveler, you can expect a much easier time getting a consistent and level tamp, removing one of the many variables from pulling the perfect shot.
To distribute, simply place the leveler on top of your portafilter and spin rapidly, adjust the height as needed.

This tool helps baristas of all levels in pursuit of consistent espresso perfection, and suit different baskets, so we wish from our products, you can enjoy your coffee time.


  • Easy Operation: Low profile makes it easier for a barista to level with a straight arm at 90 degrees to the counter
  • Anti-rust design: Anti-slip Aluminium Alloy handle is perfect for hand use and it’s pretty delicate with premium material and exquisite appearance.
  • Stainless steel base: Stainless Steel Base enable you to feel reassurance when you make coffees.

Tamping Mat

A good quality tamping mat is a must-have accessory for every barista workstation. They give baristas much needed cushioning at busy coffee bars and for the home baristas, they prevent the wrath of a spouse when they discover the scratches made by the portafilters on expensive kitchen counters!

Our attractive mat may also be pushed up against a grinder or even underneath the forks so that they can act as a tray to collect stray grinds from those messy dosers.


  • Anti-slip: A good helper for filling coffee, even a small workbench. The material is soft and can be pressed close to the table to avoid sliding so can improve the stability and average degree when tamping.
  • Easy to store: Our coffee tamping mat is highly flexible and durable, rolls up for easy storage, is also the unmatched amenity to keep the work station clean.
  • Long life: Highly resistant to oxidation and thermal exposure.
  • Premium quality silicone: Made of food-grade non-slippery silicone material, odourless, non-discolouring, non-cracking and safe for your family's health, works well for straight edge 90-degree corner counter.
  • Easy cleaning: Easy clean with soap and water, even with alcohol. Dishwasher safe.
  • Ideal for home and commercial use: Engineered for strength and quality to suit high volume commercial cafe use as much as the home barista. Applicable to your daily life, such as table corner, coffee shop, kitchen, bakehouse etc.

Espresso Coffee Knock Box

The Budan Knock Box is a bench-top coffee bar accessory that you didn’t know you needed. Used to dispose grounds, this device allows you to literally knock the used portafilter full of coffee grounds into it.