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Balck Baza Aeropress Coffee filters- set of 5 - Somethings Brewing Store

Black Baza Aeropress Coffee filters- set of 5

Rs. 400.00



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These handloom coffee filters are made from unbleached cotton woven at a 60’s x 40’s count. Cotton filters produce a clean, sediment-free cup of coffee with heavy aromatics and a buttery mouthfeel from natural oils and a higher perceived acidity in the brew. Once used, the cloth filter must be washed thoroughly with water only and left to air dry. We have used each cloth filter for over a hundred times before repurposing. In comparison, paper filters are more tightly woven, clean out most sediments and natural oils so your cup of coffee is clean but diminished in aromatic oils. They are also not reusable and as a result, high waste (both in terms of household waste as well in the use of trees at the paper mill). 

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