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A Coffee Playlist for You

There is something to be said about melodramatic music and looking out of your window as you contemplate the meaning of it all. Put these songs on when there’s a slight drizzle outside, brew a fresh pot and curl up in the couch. Here are a few songs to make your coffee go down smoother. 

Falling in love at a Coffee Shop: Landon Pigg

This song is perfect for those rainy evenings where you drink big cups of coffee and pretend like you’re in a music video. You can even read a book and wonder what your “just friend” is doing right now. Are they thinking about you too? Will they realise you’re perfect for each other? Who knows! Till then you have coffee to keep you going.

Coffee: Trent

“You’re like my coffee when I wake up in the morning. You know I love it when you kick me when I’m snoring.” It doesn’t really get better than this. Besides, we never promised you that this list wasn’t going to be cheesy. This song is simple, emotional and so entertaining — which is just what you need sometimes!

Cold Coffee: Ed Sheeran

There is something about Ed Sheeran’s voice as he grieves a relationship that is at the end. He describes the girl he is with as cold, disinterested and even bitter, sometimes. We really hope his coffee is better than that, though. Ed, if you’re reading this — the secret is in the bean! Get good beans!!!

Coffee & Cigarettes: Jimmy Eat World

If you’re into drinking your problems away (with coffee, of course) this is a good place to start. A reminder that whatever it is you’re feeling distraught about, you can always wash them down with a big cup of Joe and some sunshine. 

The Coffee Song: Frank Sinatra

The beautiful thing about Sinatra’s Coffee Song is not only the lively jazz that gets you moving, but it also plasters the biggest smile across your face. According to him, “they could percolate the ocean in Brazil,” and that is one thing we would like to see! 

Wake up & Smell the Coffee: Cranberries

Wake up!!! The Cranberries demand you to wake your precious heart up!!! We can’t get enough of this song talking about smelling the coffee and finding new adventures. If this doesn’t get you out of bed wanting to seize the day — we aren’t sure what will. 

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