Recommended Brewing Equipment- Electric Brewer, Espresso, Moka Pot / Nanopresso, South Indian Filter, Turkish Coffee

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Go on a tasting adventure with our three different blends Our Single Origin Sampler Box includes three 100 grams of coffee of our blends.

Includes one 100 grams sample of:

Boss's Wife- House Blend
Glass House- Epic Blend
Opera- Cold Brew Blend

Savorworks is a project and passion where our passion and love compels us to make coffee artisanally and carefully to maintain the original flavours from their origins.Our love for coffees comes from its power to connect people with a shared interest and goal. Our aim is to strengthen this connection by sharing our stories and relationships with the fantastic people behind our products. We are dedicated to delivering a quality product; one that doesn’t only tastes good but speaks for itself in the cups of our customers.