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La Marzocco Home Coffee Machines Yellow La Marzocco Linea Mini Home Espresso Machine & Coffee Machine
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La Marzocco Linea Mini Home Espresso Machine & Coffee Machine

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Home Coffee Machine - Semi Automatic Espresso machine. Get La Marzocco Linea Mini Coffee Machine Today at Something's Brewing. The boiler temperatures are also completely adjustable using the PID controller. Linea Mini arrives with a pre-programmed 1second pre-infusion mode for optimal coffee extraction.

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Inspired by the iconic Linea Classic coffee machine, the Linea Mini features powerful dual boilers, a saturated group head, and a commercial-quality build that will enable you to bring an Italian cafe to your home. Cased in a commercial-grade stainless steel shell, the Linea Mini is a powerful device with 3L and 1.7L boilers allowing you to pull shots and steam milk at the same time. The boiler temperatures are also completely adjustable using the PID controller. The group head ensures incredible temperature stability and a warm-up time of only 15 minutes. As if that wasn’t enough, this beauty comes with five portafilter baskets of various capacities to maximize shot flexibility: 7g, 14g, 17g, 21g, and a final blind shot for when you clean. Choose your finish based on what you like best between Black, White, Red, and Yellow!


Bring in the iconic: The much-adored Marzocco is ready to deliver beautiful brews in your home.

Brew Paddle: Easily initiate a brew cycle with the large and in charge brew paddle located at the very front of the machine.

Integrated Brew Group: The integrated brew group combines the brew boiler and brew group into one seamless part, allowing the integrated group to achieve the same temperature stability and energy efficiency of the saturated group, all in a reduced footprint!

5 portafilter baskets: In varying capacities to suit your needs. 2.5L water tank: Perfect for when you’re entertaining!

Indicator Lights: Two simple lights let you know what's going on with your machine. The top red light will blink to let you know the machine is heating up.

Cup warmer: Keeps you from pulling shots into cold mugs. Mini is at optimal temperature. The bottom blue light will stay solid

Barista Lights: Every great performer needs stage lights to help them shine, so it's fitting that every great espresso machine provides stage lighting to highlight all your delicious brews.

Pre-Infusion: The Linea Mini arrives with a pre-programmed 1-second pre-infusion mode for optimal coffee extraction.

Large Reservoir: The 2.5L water reservoir is sure to last through many brew cycles before requiring a refill.


  • Linea Mini Espresso Machine
  • Commercial Stainless Steel spouted portafilter
  • 2 single baskets 7g 2 double baskets 14g and 21g 1blind backflush basket
  • 350ml milk steaming pitcher
  • 58mm tamper
  • Water test kit
  • Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder
  • Spare Single spout for portafilter


How to setup: 

  1. Add filtered water in the detachable front loading reservoir tank of your coffee machine.
  2. Plug in your machine, switch it on with the help of the button on the side. The boiler will automatically start heating up the water.
  3. Flush the group head 2-3 times to make sure that the boiler is full.
  4. You will know the coffee machine is ready for use when the red light stops blinking.

How to make Espresso, Americano, Milk beverages and Teas: 

The base for good coffee beverages is espresso, once that is dialled in you make now make all kinds of coffee with your espresso machine. 


For Espresso: 

  1. Starting with a Brew Ratio of 16g of ground coffee to 32-38g of extraction in 18-24 seconds, and engage the brew paddle, once you are done pulling the shot put the paddle back in its original position.
  2. If the shot is finishing too quickly, adjust the grinder to a finer grind size. If the shot is taking too long to finish, adjust the grinder to a coarser grind size. Pull the shot following the same parameters. Taste the Espresso shot.
  3. If the Espresso shot tastes under extracted, i.e., overpowering acidity (sourness) and astringency, the grind size is too coarse and the flow rate is high. Adjust the grinder to a finer grind size and pull an Espresso shot. Taste the shot.
  4. If the Espresso shot tastes over extracted, i.e., ashy, smoky flavour that goes hand in hand with a lack of any lingering finish of the espresso in the mouth, the grind size is too fine and flow rate is slow. Adjust the grinder to a coarser setting and pull an Espresso Shot. Taste the shot.
  5. If there is a balance between the acidity, sweetness, bitterness and complexity, your Espresso is dialled in and you can continue to use these parameters.

For Americano: 

  1. Take a mug and place it under the hot water dispenser of your coffee machine, press the hot water button and fill your mug upto 3/4th capacity and press the button again to shut the water off.
  2. Once water is dispensed, pull an espresso shot on top of the hot water. Your hot Americano is now ready

For Lattes and Cappuccinos: 

  1. Take chilled milk in a milk steaming pitcher.
  2. Pull an espresso shot into your mug.
  3. Purge the steam wand. Insert the wand into the milk pitcher at the correct angle and begin steaming the milk. The desired texture should be silky with tiny micro bubbles formed uniformly throughout.
  4. Clean the steam wand using a damp sponge. Purge the wand once more.
  5. Tap the pitcher on the counter to settle the microbubbles and give it a swirl.
  6. Pour the steamed milk into the pulled espresso shot creating the desired latte art.

For Iced Coffee:  

  1. In a glass, add a few cubes of ice. 
    Pour in cold milk, and add a shot of espresso on top to make a layered iced coffee.
  2. You can add flavours like hazelnut, caramel, chocolate etc. to make a flavoured iced coffee.

For Teas: 

  1. Take a mug and place it under the hot water dispenser of your coffee machine, press the hot water button and fill your mug up to 3/4th capacity and press the button again to shut the water off. 
  2. Immerse your tea bag in the mug and set the timer and let it brew for 3-5minutes. Fill the rest with hot water. 


How to clean your La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine: 

  • On a daily basis it’s important to wipe down the porta filter, group head and steam wand of your coffee machine.
  • For deep cleaning of your machine (at least once in two weeks) the group head and milk steaming wand should be cleaned using appropriate coffee machine cleaning chemicals.
  • Back flushing the Espresso Machine is best done when the machine is hot
  • Using the group head brush, clean the screen thoroughly to remove any coffee grounds.
  • Place the blind basket in your porta filter and add one cafiza tablet to it. Load it to the group head.
  • Move the paddle to brew mode for 10 seconds, repeat this process three times.
  • After this, remove the porta filter and run water through the group head to rinse, then reload the rinsed porta filter into the group head and repeat the process 3 times without any chemical.
  • Empty out the drain tray and rinse it under running water.
  • For the steam wand, add a cap of rinza liquid to half a pitcher of room temperature water and start the steam wand till the water warms up.
  • Remember to dispose an espresso shot the next time you brew as it might have some chemical residue in your coffee machine.



Group1 Group
Height (cm/in)37.7/ 15
Width (cm/in)35.7/ 14
Depth (cm/in)45.3/ 18
Weight (kg/lbs)30/ 66
Voltage220-240V Single Phase
Wattage Elements1820W (220-240V)
Coffee Boiler Capacity (Litres)2 X 1.3
Steam Boiler Capacity3L


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