Chocolate, Dark Caramel, and hints of citrus


Medium Dark




Best Brewed As - Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press

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Chocolate, Dark Caramel, and hints of citrus sound to us like one of the magnificent trumpet solos of the one the only Louis Armstrong! For us, Louis Armstrong a.k.a. Satchmo is the epitome of balance, with a voice that can go from deep, rich gravel to almost fragile falsettos. “Satchmo” the blend, just like its muse, has pitch-perfect sweetness, a deep body that swells like a crescendo, and a subtle “Vibratoesque” citrus acidity. A coffee that goes not toe to toe, but “Cheek to Cheek” with all accompaniments. The blend is on the darker side of a medium and has the richness of chocolate and dark caramel, and a raspy acidity that can cut through whatever you throw at it, yes we’re looking at your milk and sugar. Satchmo makes the perfect espressos, Moka pots, french presses, south Indian filters, and what not, to get you a coffee that’ll make you see sit across and think “What a Wonderful World

We are specialty coffee roasters from Chandigarh. We work with amazing farmers who put their heart and soul into their coffees, and in turn, we do our best to roast the coffees to make them as delicious as possible.