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I am an avid photographer, traveller and coffee lover. This personal ceremony of adding freshly ground coffee, boiling water, and pressing my Aeropress brings a sense of home wherever I am, whether it’s a mountain or a bustling city. It’s not just about the caffeine boost; it’s the aroma and the rich flavours that capture the essence of each destination. I got my Aeropress from Something's Brewing, who have been super helpful. They even helped me with the choice of new coffees and brewing techniques that I could try out.

Vivek Vishwanathan

Budding Travel Photographer

In the life of a wanderlust-driven content creator like myself, where every destination unfolds a new story, coffee has seamlessly woven itself into my narrative. And therefore, for a handy, convenient, travel-friendly and promising brewer, I turned to Something’s Brewing. Their product Cafflano Go Brew, a marvel of design and efficiency, has been my silent partner in countless dawns. Its compact design and ease of use have made it an indispensable tool in my journey, subtly enhancing my travel experience without ever stealing the spotlight.

Shruti Jain

Content Creator

When I travel, my essential is an Aeropress. For me, brewing coffee is more of an art, a spiritual experience and if I have the luxury of carrying a brewer and making fresh coffee wherever I go. It enhances the whole travel experience for me, so fresh coffee over anything, always. I think Something's Brewing doing what they do best, enabling all coffee lovers to have this experience.

Goutham Iyengar

Coffee Lover/Connoisseur