Top 5 Compact Travel Espresso Makers | Fits in Your Backpack

Top 5 Compact Travel Espresso Makers | Fits in Your Backpack

A travel espresso maker allows you to maintain your morning coffee routine in addition to adding an extra touch of luxury to your trips.

From ensuring you enjoy cafe-like brews no matter where you are, to avoiding crowded and pricey cafes - investing in a portable espresso maker makes sure that great coffee is always within reach.

Designed to be lightweight and space-saving, these portable brewers fit neatly into your backpack. So, you can be sure that your adventures are accompanied by the rich aroma and bold flavours of freshly brewed espresso.

1. Wacaco Minipresso

The Wacaco Minipresso is a game-changer for coffee lovers on the move. This portable espresso maker delivers rich and flavorful espresso shots anytime, anywhere.

With its innovative design and hand-operated mechanism, you can enjoy café-quality espresso with just a few pumps – no electricity or bulky equipment required.

Whether you're camping, hiking, or travelling, the Wacaco Minipresso ensures that your coffee cravings are satisfied wherever the adventure takes you.

Key Reasons to Add it to Your Backpack:

  • Portable espresso anywhere
  • Hand-powered convenience
  • Easy to use and clean

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2. Wacaco Picopresso

With a naked portafilter and pro-level features, it is one of the best portable espresso makers out there. Perfect for adventurers who love coffee, this innovative espresso maker delivers exceptional espresso shots with ease.

Tweak your grind, add hot water and pull a deliciously creamy, barista-level, double espresso.

Key Reasons to Add it to Your Backpack:

  • Truly compact as it can fit in the palm of your hands
  • Promises dense flavours and aromas
  • Brew a full double shot of espresso wherever you are

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3. Wacaco Nanopresso

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a pocket-sized powerhouse, revolutionising on-the-go espresso brewing. Incredibly beautiful and elegant, the brewer is as powerful as it looks.

Compact and lightweight, this portable espresso maker fits effortlessly into your bag or backpack. With its innovative pumping system, it extracts rich and flavorful espresso from ground coffee beans with ease.

Key Reasons to Add it to Your Backpack:

  • Built around a patented pumping system, it can reach up to 18 bars of stable pressure
  • Easy to hold and easy to pack
  • Can hold up to 80ml of water

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 4. Wacaco Nanopresso with NS Adapter

The Wacaco NS Adapter is a versatile accessory designed to expand the compatibility of your Wacaco coffee maker. Enjoy the choice between brewing manual espresso and capsule coffee anytime you like.

With the NS adaptor, you can enjoy the convenience of a pod. It is mess-free, easy to use and easy to clean.

Key Reasons to Add it to Your Backpack:

  • Ensure consistent espressos every time
  • Switch between manual espresso and pods
  • Extremely lightweight and durable

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 5. Budan Moka Pot Stainless Steel

Although it is technically not an espresso maker, the Budan Moka Pot does brew creamy, rich espresso-like brews. Made of premium-quality stainless steel, it is sturdy and stays strong throughout your travel.

Plus, the brewer is super compact. You can fit it in your handbag or travel suitcase.

Key Reasons to Add it to Your Backpack:

  • Cafe-like brews anytime you like
  • Stainless-steel mesh filter for clear brews
  • Easy to maintain

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Closing Lines

In conclusion, with the convenience of compact travel espresso makers, you can savour the rich aroma and bold flavours of espresso wherever adventures take you.

Whether you're exploring bustling cities, embarking on outdoor excursions, or simply enjoying a leisurely getaway, these portable espresso makers can come in handy.

Compact in size yet mighty in performance, these top 5 travel espresso makers are the perfect companions for every coffee enthusiast on the go. So, pack your backpack, hit the road, and never miss out on your favourite brew.

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