New Trends in Coffee 2024 | Home Brewers Need to Look Forward to this Year

New Trends in Coffee 2024 | Home Brewers Need to Look Forward to this Year

Even though coffee has been enjoyed in India since the 17th century, a new wave of coffee culture is brewing. From people veering towards home-brewing to unravelling coffee’s health benefits, there’s a lot happening.

That being said, there are always new trends around coffee, keeping this age-old drink always relevant.

In this article, we shall check out what's in vogue among coffee lovers in the country.

1. Home Brewing – Combining the Craft & Comfort

Brewing a cup of coffee at the comfort of one's home is quite an old concept. However, the craft has been picking up pace in India since the pandemic broke out in 2020 limiting peoples visit to cafes.

This year, the home brewing trend is only going to get intense. More coffee enthusiasts are investing in coffee makers and accessories while some are even building their mini coffee bars at home. Many brands like Budan are catering to these needs by manufacturing and distributing affordable, world-class coffee equipment suitable for Indian consumers.

Home brewing has also opened up a space for experimenting with coffee and creating DIY coffee recipes.

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2. Coffee Subscriptions - Never Running Out of Coffee

With the rise in the number of home brewers, the rate of coffee subscriptions has also gone up. Coffee enthusiasts are looking for specialty coffee and subscription services from reliable suppliers.

Given the demand, coffee roasters are meeting coffee enthusiasts where they are with subscriptions with a greater choice of taste profiles. Furthermore, people are opting for coffee subscriptions for guaranteed offers, convenience and expert curation.

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3. Latte Art – For the Love of Art

The art of pouring milk into a cup of espresso as beautiful patterns is unarguably fascinating. This has captured the imagination of quite a few coffee enthusiasts, so many home brewers are learning to make latte art at home. A few latte art designs they are trying out include free-pour latte art styles like heart, tulip, rosetta and swan. We can also see them experimenting with new styles and shapes with latte art pens and stencils.

Some home brewers are investing in an espresso machine with a steam wand to master this craft. On the other hand, many are starting small with manual brewers and milk frothers. Either way, the rise of home latte artists is huge and we are here for it.

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4. Alcohol Infused Coffee – Bringing Beverages Together

Espresso Martini, Classic Irish Coffee, Kahlua Coffee, Carajillo and Coffee Cocktails. The list goes on.

Mixing coffee and alcohol is another trend to look forward to this year. Although coffee-alcoholic beverages are not new, people are starting to appreciate them more owing to the boom of home-brewing culture and the ever-present love for alcohol.

This trend has also encouraged coffee and alcohol vendors to come together to create mixers, syrups, tonics and even craft beers.

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5. Coffee and Wellness – A Wholesome Combo

A walk-through of any beauty, skincare or wellness store will show numerous products infused with coffee. In recent years, many studies have solidified the health and beauty benefits of coffee. As a result, more beauty experts and wellness gurus are waking up to the aroma of coffee.

Owing to coffee's anti-wrinkle and anti-cellulite properties, they are also used in spa and beauty therapies. Further, home brewers are using leftover coffee grounds to create their DIY skin care mixes.

6. Milk Alternatives in Coffee – Vegan coffee and more

Vegan coffee lovers have been experimenting with plant-based milk alternatives the world over. With India having one of the largest vegan populations, the trend is picking up here too.

Milk impacts the taste and texture of coffee drinks like latte, cappuccino and flat white. So, choosing milk with higher protein content is important. Some common protein-rich dairy milk alternatives include soy milk, almond milk and coconut.

With many varieties and growing popularity, it is safe to say that the vegan milk trend is here to stay.

7. Coffee Tasting Sessions - Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

There are endless flavour notes to try in coffee. We can learn to differentiate and enjoy them by trying out coffee from different origin, roasters and brewing methods. Alternatively, you can learn the intricacies of coffee tasting from experts.

Coffee tasting sessions are becoming a common sight in cafes, food and beverage festivals. We can look forward to many more of these tasting sessions this year.  They are a great way to spend time with your loved ones while gaining deeper knowledge on coffee.

8. Coffee in Baking – Coffee for Complimenting

Home chefs and bakers are going a step further when it comes to coffee.  From mocha muffins to the traditional Tiramisu - they are baking delicious coffee-based baked goodies. For best results, people are using freshly home-brewed coffee.

If you’d like to try some delightful baked food with coffee, here are some flavours we can pair with coffee - chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, nuts and fresh cherries.

9. RTD Cold Brews – On the Go Coffee

High-quality cold brews in RTDs (Ready-to-Drink) are increasingly becoming popular. They are loved by many for the improved flavours, fewer additives and of course, the convenience.

Typically, RTDs are refrigerated cold brew coffee yet you can find flavoured coffee, Frappuccino and chilled latte as well. These drinks are also shelf-stable, they last for quite some time when stored in refrigeration.

Parting Words

It seems like coffee is taking over the world. Given the fantastic flavours, amazing health benefits and its ability to bring people together, maybe it is not a bad idea.

Which of these trends excites you the most?

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