Travel Essentials for Coffee Lovers | Gearing Up for the Adventures

Travel Essentials for Coffee Lovers | Gearing Up for the Adventures

The scent of freshly brewed coffee can make your travel adventures all the more exciting and fun. So, gearing up with coffee essentials for your weekend getaways or international destinations is a great idea.

In this guide, we will walk you through some travel-friendly coffee brewers and gears. In addition to fitting perfectly in your backpack, they promise to awaken your senses and transform your escapades. 

1. On-the-Go Espresso Maker

A shot of espresso can jolt you up like nothing else! Whether you are in the middle of nowhere or running into watered-down coffees everywhere, an espresso maker will be your best bet.

Nanopresso by Wacaco is an excellent travel espresso maker. It is compact, portable and you can rely on it for thick, creamy espresso. 

The hand-powered espresso maker is easy to use as well. All you need is ground coffee and some hot water.  With only a few simple steps, you can brew high-quality espresso in 2 to 3 minutes.

Check Out Nanopresso 🡪

2. Coffee Brewer Plus Bottle

What if a single equipment can take care of brewing and moving your coffee? Cafflano Go Brew is a unique coffee maker made for travellers who can not miss their daily coffee fix.

In addition to being a portable bottle, Cafflano Go Brew alternates as a coffee brewer. To use it as a brewer, we need to unscrew the top half of the bottle from the bottom half. Then, set it up with a filter in it and add ground coffee. 

Once brewed, we can screw the top half back and start drinking. You can also use the Go Brew Bottle to carry to cafes as a replacement for plastic/paper cups.

Cafflano Go Brew 🡪

3. Manual Hand Grinder

Coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans can brighten any time of the day. Adding a manual grinder to your backpack is the easiest way to enjoy freshly ground and brewed coffee on your travels. 

Timemore Chestnut C2 is the ultimate manual grinder for travel. It is sleek, compact and delivers precision grind every time. The stainless-steel burr, adjustable grind size and durability make it an excellent investment.

Timemore Chestnut C2 🡪

4. Travel Mug

Travel coffee mug is a non-negotiable for coffee lovers. It is a versatile and practical accessory that allows you to enjoy your brews on-the-go. They also come with features like temperature retention, anti-leakage design and more to make your travels smoother.

Budan Travel Coffee Mug is one such coffee mug, it is packed with features that will help you complete your adventures with fresh brews. With spill-proof design, temperature control and comfortable design, this can be your go-to travel mug.

Budan Travel Mug 🡪

5. Travel Press

If French Press coffee is your favourite, you do not have to compromise even if you are miles away from home. Espro Ultralight Travel Coffee Press is an extremely lightweight and portable French Press coffee maker.

The Travel Press is made of stainless steel double-wall and keeps the beverage hot for a long time. Further, it comes with a leak-proof seal allowing you to toss it in your backpack without having to worry about spills or leaks.

Espro Ultralight Travel Coffee Press 🡪

Closing Lines

Whether you are hiking a trail or navigating a new city, packing your brew kit is the perfect way to blend your adventures with your passion for coffee. From compact espresso makers to travel mugs, these essentials will surely make your explorations rich.

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