Something’s Brewing Latte Art Throwdown (Online) 2021

Something’s Brewing Latte Art Throwdown (Online) 2021

I. Contest Rules and Regulations: 

  1. To enter the Something’s Brewing Latte Art Throwdown 2021, Participant must follow the Something’s Brewing (@smthingsbrewing) Instagram handle. 
  2. Contest open only for Indian residents. 
  3. There is no registration fee for participation. 
  4. The first 50 participants get a free 250gms coffee from Third Wave Coffee Roasters. 
  5. A participant is a person who submits a valid entry, i.e Video and Photo.
  6. A valid entry includes a photo and video that has the participant making or attempting to make a latte art. 
  7. This is a free pour latte art competition. 
  8. No stencils, etching tools, toothpicks or any latte art tools can be used to make the latte art. 
  9. The cup should consist of espresso/espresso like beverage and steamed milk. No other products to be added. 
  10. The event is broken into two sections: Home Barista and Professional Barista; both these sections will be judged individually by the jury. 
  11. Only one entry will be allowed per participant. The first entry sent by the participant will be the final entry that will be used for judging. 
  12. Register by filling in your details on the google form (link in Instagram bio)/ before 16th June, 2021.
  13. After registration the participants need to make and submit a 30 second video of their latte art (Rules in III) and take a top angle photo of the latte art (Rules in IV), and submit it by mailing it to The photos and videos will not have pack/brands shown in frame. The entries will be disqualified if any branding is shown. 
  14. Last day to send in your entry is 19th June, 2021*
  15. The finalists will be announced on an IG live session on 22nd June, 2021*.
  16. The top entries (Latte Art photos) will be featured on @smthingsbrewing’s Instagram handle for Popular Votes.
  17. The top finalist videos will be further judged by a panel of judges in a live Zoom session, who will get to see the latte art videos, and will be scored “live”. The judges will reveal the top winners.
  18. Total winners: top 4(jury), and ranks 5-26 win prizes, details specified in the prize section. Every participant is eligible for one prize/reward only. The participant who wins the popular choice award will not be judged by the jury for the jury prizes, as the popular choice award is included in the top 20.

II. Judging Criteria 

All participants will be judged on the following parameters: 

  1. Visual Foam Quality 
    This category refers to how the texture of the foam looks visually in the photos and videos. Is it silky/creamy is given more weightage over a latte art with dry foam/matte with no gloss
  2. Harmony, Size and Position 
    This category refers to how the design sits in the cup. Depending on the classic understanding of the design being presented it should be centered in the cup or balanced in relation to the edges of the cup. This is both an issue of precision and/or aesthetic.The participant will be judged on Symmetry in design AND Position in the cup. 
  3. Level of difficulty achieved 
    This category relates to how the artist puts their personal touch on a latte art design compared to their opponent and common understanding of what that designs classic pattern is. In the absence of an obvious creative mark, the overall difficulty of the pours will be assessed. The scoring for the difficult achieved is: Complex design > Simple Design > Messy and rushed design. Please check the photos below for reference. 
  4. Overall appealing impression 
    This category judges the overall execution and presentation of the Latte art and the video and photo submission 

The participants need to submit 1 video and 1 photo of their Latte Art as per the specifications mentioned in III and IV. There will be one round of elimination to choose the top 20 at the discretion of experts in the Something’s Brewing team. There will be 3 winners selected by the jury, and 1 winner decided by popular votes (i.e likes) on Instagram. 

Designated Latte Art Patterns for Evaluation Standards 

Complex Designs 

Heart Latte Art Patterns 

Leaf Evaluation Standard 


III. Video Specifications 

  1. Age Limit - Minimum age of the performer should be 18. Anything below this will be a rejected. 
  2. Out Of focus videos will be rejected 
  3. Video Length - Uploaded videos should be between 10 – 30 secs long. 
  4. Face of the participant should be seen in the start of the video; the camera can then go closer to the latte art making bit.
  5. This should be a one take video. No edits are allowed in the video.
  6. Shoot vertically, horizontal videos won’t be allowed.  
  7. Preferred resolution: 720 x 1280; 1080 x 1920 
  8. Video size: Less than 50mb 
  9. Formats: mp4, mov 
  10. Codec: .h264, .h265 
  11. Choose your frame carefully. We typically want a top angle shot of the pouring and the latte art being made.  
  12. Experiment with lighting to get the best video possible. Remember, there are chances that the milk might be too bright if lit directly; experiment before you shoot your latte art entry.  
  13. If possible, try to use a tripod or make some other person shoot you making the latte art. 

IV. Photo Specifications

  1. The photo should be a top angle shot of the Latte Art. 
  2. Out of focus photos will be rejected 
  3. The photos need to be shot in a 1:1 aspect ratio (square) 
  4. Make sure the latte art and the cup are in the center of the frame. 
  5. The photos should be less than 2mb 
  6. No editing of the photo or latte art are allowed. Original files of the latte art will have to be mailed to <email id>. The latte art in the photo and video should match; else the entry shall be disqualified.

Winning Prizes 



Top 4 (Top 2 from Home Baristas and Top 2 from Professional Baristas)

Fellow Eddy pitcher (500ml) 

Coffee leveler from Budan  

A bar of chocolate from Naviluna Artisana  Chocolates 

A case of assorted tonics by Svami  


Top 3 – 6 (3 from Home Baristas and 3 from Professional Baristas)

Fellow Eddy Pitcher (500ml) 

Rest of the Finalists

Milk Pitcher (350 ml) - Gold coloured milk pitcher from Kaapi Machines Pvt Ltd 

 *Terms and Conditions (T&C) 

These are the Terms and Conditions for the Something’s Brewing Latte Art Throwdown Online 2021

  1. This contest is organized by Something’s Brewing and participation in this contest is voluntary. 
  2. The contest period is 7th June, 2021 to 27th June, 2021.  
  3. The contest is open for participants in India only, over 18 years of age. 
  4. Employees of Something’s Brewing cannot take part in this competition.  
  5. By participating in this contest, each participant agrees that he/she has read and understood these T&Cs and by their participation in the contest, each participant agrees to be bound by the T&Cs. Mere participation should not be perceived as any commitment on the part of Something’s Brewing to select a participant as the winner. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment by Something’s Brewing to conduct further, similar or other contests in future. By participating in this contest, the participants also agree and confirm that they are legally eligible to participate in this contest and are of such legally permissible age. 
  6. Incomplete information provided or failure to provide true and accurate information, failure to submit proof of identification and/or original confirmation number will automatically disqualify a participant. Something’s Brewing shall have the absolute and sole discretion to determine whether any participant should be disqualified by reason of failure to abide by these terms and conditions, bad faith, fraud or any other legitimate reason. 
  7. Something’s Brewing has the sole discretion in selecting the winners from all eligible entries received. Prizes are decided by Something’s Brewing. The decision of Something’s Brewing in this regard will be deemed as final and no correspondence will be entertained by Something’s Brewing with regards to the same. Prizes are offered on 'NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND' basis. 
  8. Something’s Brewing holds the right to publish the winner names through any medium/channel. 
  9. Something’s Brewing does not encourage and is not responsible for the misuse of any content. Copyrighted, obscene, provocative or otherwise questionable content will not be considered. Something’s Brewing retains sole discretion as to what constitutes as inappropriate content. 
  10. Multiple entries are not allowed. Participants take full responsibility of the entries shared by them. 
  11. All participants, including entrants and winners, will not have any claim against Something’s Brewing or its affiliates / sponsors with regards to matters connected with this contest. All participants including entrants and winners expressly waive any and all rights of claim against Something’s Brewing with regards to the contest, prize, declaration of winner or the T&Cs hereof. Further, Something’s Brewing shall not be liable for any losses, damages, taxes, liabilities or inconvenience suffered by any participant as a result of these terms and conditions, entering into this contest or accepting any part of the prize. Further, participants will hold Something’s Brewing harmless against any loss, damage, taxes, liabilities suffered by Something’s Brewing due to a participant’s participation in this contest or accepting any part of the prize. 
  12. Something’s Brewing reserves the right to withdraw the contest and/or change, amend, extend, and/or alter any of the terms & conditions of this contest, without any reason and at any time, without prior notice. 
  13. Something’s Brewing will not be responsible and liable for acceptability, suitability, delivery, service, defects, deficiency, performance or quality of the services /products/prize provided under the contest. 
  14. The participant(s) hereby give express permission to Something’s Brewing & its affiliates to freely use and distribute in any manner and through any medium their submissions and content thereof as entered by them in this contest. 
  15. Materials/content sent/submitted with Something’s Brewing including feedback and other communications of any kind as well as submission of an entry to this contest shall be deemed to be non-confidential. Something’s Brewing shall be free to reproduce, distribute and publicly display such feedback, materials without limitation or obligation of any kind. Something’s Brewing is also free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such submissions or materials for any purpose. Participants agree and confirm that such submissions and any content/material included therein does not breach intellectual and/or proprietary rights of any third party. 
  16. Prizes are non-transferable & Something’s Brewing reserves the right to modify/withdraw the prizes, with/without any prior notice. 
  17. Disputes, if any, will be subject to Indian laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore, India. 
  18. By entering the contest, participants indemnify Something’s Brewing and any of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agencies from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any liability, claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the contest. 

You may contact Something’s Brewing social media team on 

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