What is a Coffee Roaster?

What is a Coffee Roaster?

Ever wondered how does coffee make its way from a tiny, green bean into the final morning cup of java? That steaming hot cup of coffee is the final outcome of a long coffee roasting process. Roasting transforms the physical and chemical properties of the coffee beans resulting in its robust flavor and taste. But where does the magic come from? While there are a variety of different roasting methods, the most commonly used are either drum coffee roasters or hot-air machines.

The drum coffee roaster is the first and oldest type of coffee roaster where the coffee beans are loaded into a drum or cylindrical chamber on its side. As the drum whirls, either gas or electricity or even an open flame heats the tumbling coffee beans from below. In extreme high temperatures, the water begins to immediately evaporate from the beans before the sugars caramelize.

A more superior form of coffee roasting is fluid bed air roasting or hot air roasting. Unlike the drum coffee roaster, the fluid bed roaster uses convention to deliver heat and definite roast characteristics. The coffee beans keep moving with a perfectly controlled flow of hot air, not resting against the hot steel of a roasting chamber. During this process, hot air forces out the chaff (a thin, delicate layer that covers the beans) as well as any other contaminants.

The end result is a coffee that tastes smoother and cleaner and is more consistent than the coffee produced by drum coffee roasters.

A standard air coffee roaster can roast a batch of green coffee beans in as little as 6-8 minutes. Also, air coffee roasters can be an inexpensive way to get started. But you need to remember that the smaller price tag also comes with a smaller batch size than drum roaster capacities.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re the one who takes your coffee pretty seriously and wants a perfect cuppa brimming with flavour every morning, then look no further! Just go grab the Aillio Bullet R1 drum coffee roaster that can roast 1 kg of coffee beans in under 12 minutes. It’s a steel drum-like design that easily and neatly fits into your kitchen. One of the most energy-efficient coffee roasters that is easy to handle and manage coffee roasting.

Another coffee roaster that we can vouch for is the Kaldi coffee roaster that looks and operates like the giant roasting machines you will find at commercial roasteries. This shiny stainless steel coffee roaster made of heavy gauge materials can make an excellent coffee roaster for home.

If you intend to buy these, they will surely define your roasting journey and you could become an outstanding coffee roaster from then on.

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