Travel friendly coffee gear to invest in

Travel friendly coffee gear to invest in

For coffee lovers who are always on the go, a good brew to keep energies up is imperative. A good speciality coffee house may not always be accessible when you’re travelling , and you didn’t hear it from us - but this can be a real vacation ruined. We’re here to help you enjoy most of your time away with the best on-the-go coffee tools.

Aeropress Go

The simplicity of the AeroPress Go makes it popular among camping enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs. 

This variant of the Aeropress is engineered to fuel an active lifestyle, is lightweight, durable and compact. The best part? It even comes with a mug for your coffee! 

Compact hand-grinders

Grinding your beans is one of the best methods to make a fantastic cup of coffee. The Cafflano Krinder in particular, is one of the lightest coffee grinders with metal burrs, making it a perfect addition to your travel bag. The handle is attached and dismantled easily too, ensuring maximum portability. 

Travel kettles

A travel kettle is a must-have for your next camping trip. These are ideal for drinking your favourite coffee on a cold morning and are far more convenient than heating water the traditional way. We at Something’s Brewing are fans of the Hario Air, a budget-friendly pouring kettle that perfectly complements your V60 brewing set up. Taking control over your pouring with this lightweight and durable air kettle gives you precision for measurement too ensuring that you never get your coffee servings wrong. Whether you are pouring your favourite coffee blend, tea, or even plain water, the Hario V60 Drip Kettle Air comes with a pour spout that allows pouring liquid contents a spill-free, seamless experience. The squarish, compact but practically designed drip kettle easily fits in most refrigerator doors and is ideal for storage too.

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A hand-powered Nanopresso is a must-have for any coffee lover on the go. These are compact and sleek, perfect for when you’re living in your car. You can easily fit the device in your palm, with an ergonomic design enabling you to brew an espresso-like brew with 18 bars to produce unparalleled coffee extraction. 

Coffee scale with a built-in timer

The smallest details matter when it comes to making the ideal cup of pour-over coffee. The Varia scale is recommended to help you extract more from your coffee.  It comes packed with functions and an ultra clear LED Display to help you achieve precision when grinding and brewing. Use the Varia Scale to measure your coffee dose, water weight, and extraction time. These scales make brewing coffee on the go simple without being too big and bulky. Some of them are even resistant to water and are long-lasting. On the road, a decent scale can provide barista-quality coffee.

Fellow Carter Move Mug

The Fellow Carter Move Mugs ensure that your commute is covered. With heat-lock double wall vacuum, these beauties even come with a snap-in splash guard to ensure that you don’t make a mess while drinking your delicious cuppa! 

We hope you enjoyed our list of essential coffee accessories for travellers. Being on the road doesn’t mean you should settle for substandard coffee! 

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