Reasons Why You Need a Manual Coffee Grinder

Reasons Why You Need a Manual Coffee Grinder

You need coffee but you also want your coffee to taste fresh and flavourful and that is only possible when you get hold of a coffee grinder. Coffee grinders are the only solution for making great coffee at home. You will be able to make it taste how you like and it would slowly improve your coffee making skills too. So, if you’re particular about grind consistency, portability, price, etc then manual coffee grinder should be your go-to option!

Manual coffee grinders feature burrs inside, which are operated by a handle that the user turns to grind the coffee beans. These coffee grinders represent a cheaper way to get a quality burr grinder compared to automatic coffee grinders.

We know this was not enough for you that’s why we have curated enough reasons not to overlook manual coffee grinders.

1)  Price

Whether you are at home or travelling, making your own coffee is so much cheaper than buying expensive cups of coffee at coffee shops. So, why not consider buying a coffee grinder?

Of course electric grinders do the job of grinding coffee beans way too quickly but why overspend when you have the cheapest possible way to produce outstanding fresh ground coffee at home?

2)  Consistency

A manual coffee grinder actually gives you greater control over grind consistency than many electric grinders. This is because high quality manual coffee grinders crush beans with good consistency, whereas the spinning blades of cheap electric grinders ‘chop’ the beans into inconsistent and uneven fragments. 

3)  Noise level

Owing to its maddening noise, an electric coffee grinder can certainly ruin your mornings when you are fast asleep! When compared with manual coffee grinders, electric grinders have a tendency to be somewhat noisy.

And the sound of cracking and crushing beans with the manual coffee grinder can be satisfying to say the least.

4)  Portability

Most coffee grinders are compact enough to be transported around with ease.  The issue with an electric grinder is that you need an appropriate power source to put it to use. But with manual coffee grinders, you get perfect ground coffee minus all the hassles as they are portable enough wherever you go.

5) Burr material

Modern manual coffee grinders come primarily in steel and ceramic build materials. If you are traveling, then consider buying coffee grinder with steel burrs as they are durable and easy to clean. But if you plan to keep your grinder for home use, then ceramic is a good option.

Steel burrs look great and are practically unbreakable whereas ceramic can break when not handled properly.

6)  Simplicity & Longevity

Last but not least, a good quality manual coffee grinder can be used to produce fresh ground coffee for a very long time. The simpler the device, the less likely it is to break down on you entirely in the near future at least.

Now, don’t think too much, just go for a manual coffee grinder and enjoy fresh and delicious coffee whenever you want.

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