Pour Over Coffee Making at Home | 5 Expert Tips & Tricks

Pour Over Coffee Making at Home | 5 Expert Tips & Tricks

Brewing coffee with a Pour Over coffee maker is a form of art. From the looks of it, the captivating set-up to the entire ritual of gently pouring water on the coffee bed. It comes with a certain amount of finesse. 


So, if you are on a journey to perfect the art of Pour Over coffee making at home, we have got you covered. Whether you just purchased a V60, or you have the complete coffee corner, this guide will take you through all you need to know to brew the perfect Pour Over coffee. 


Blueprint for Pour Over Coffee Making 

Here is a small blueprint for making Pour Over coffee at home, if you are familiar with the steps, you can skip to the expert tips below.  


Equipment Required 

  • Pour Over Brewer (Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Origami Coffee Dripper) 
  • Filter paper/cloth filter (specific to the brewer) 
  • Digital scale with timer 
  • Kettle, coffee scoop, carafe and coffee mug 



  • 15g of coffee beans (or pre-ground coffee in size suitable for the specific brewer) 
  • 210 ml of water (90°C to 96°C) 


Brew Time 

2 minutes 

Step-by-Step Guide 



  1. Heat the water in a kettle. 
  2. Place the brewer on top of a carafe or cup. Take the filter paper, fold its seam and place it onto the Pour Over coffee maker.  



Rinse the filter paper by gently pouring hot water over it. Then, discard the water and place the Pour Over coffee maker back onto the carafe. 



It is time for extraction. To ensure proper extraction and get the brightest cups of coffee, you can divide the brewing process into the following steps.  

  1. Add 15g of coffee to the filter paper 
  2. Start the timer on the scale (or on your phone) and pour 30ml of hot water. Make sure to fully saturate all the coffee grounds. Wait for 30 seconds. During this step, you will notice bubbles reaching the surface of the coffee bed. This process is called 'blooming,' where carbon dioxide trapped in the coffee ground escapes. 
  1. Add 90ml of water onto the coffee bed in slow, concentric circles and wait for 30 seconds. Then, add the rest of the water on a slow pour. The brewed coffee will start dripping into the carafe. 
  2. After 2 minutes, take the brewer along with the filter off your carafe. Your coffee is ready to be served and relished!


For iced Pour Over, we need to add ice (half the amount of water, 105 ml) in the carafe. Then, add half the amount (105 ml) of hot water over the coffee grounds for brewing. 


5 Expert Tips & Tricks 



Whether you have only started your Pour Over coffee-making journey, or you have been enjoying the delicious, clean brews for a long time now, here are 5 tips from our experts. Each tip will help you in making your brews brighter and better.


Tip 1. Use Fresh, High-Quality Beans 


No matter the type of brewer you use, using fresh, high-quality beans is crucial to brewing great cups of coffee. So, when it comes to Pour Over, the quality of the beans matters more than ever since the brewer preserves the original flavours of the coffee beans. 


Tip 2. Grind Just Before Brewing 


Once ground, coffee begins to lose its aroma and flavour compounds due to oxidation. By grinding just before brewing, you preserve these delicate flavours. This way, you can make a richer, more aromatic cup of coffee. 


Tip 3. Pre-Wet the Filter  


This step is often overlooked. Nonetheless, its importance should not be. Pre-wetting the filter with hot water removes the impurities and the papery taste.  

Additionally, it helps to warm the dripper and carafe. This ensures a stable brewing temperature, which is crucial for optimal extraction. 


Tip 4. Maintain Consistent Temperature 


Maintaining a consistent temperature during the brewing process ensures that the coffee grounds are extracted evenly. If the temperature fluctuates, it can lead to under-extraction or over-extraction, resulting in a sour or bitter taste. A stable temperature, ideally between 90°C to 96°C, helps achieve a balanced, flavorful cup of coffee. 


Tip 5. Practise the Pour  


The way you pour water over the coffee bed plays an important role in the extraction of coffee. A slow, controlled pouring helps achieve a balanced extraction.  

Most importantly, move in concentric circles; start in the centre and work outward gently. Your first attempt might not be flawless, but with practice, you can hone your pouring skills. 


Final Takeaway 


Mastering the art of Pour Over coffee making at home is a rewarding experience. The brewer promises the most delicate, flavour-rich cups of coffee.  


Besides, it allows you to explore and enjoy beans from coffee roasters across the country and around the world, even. So, go on, get your V60 (or other brewer) and experiment. Play around with different beans, grind sizes, water temperatures and pour techniques to find what you enjoy the most. Also, keep notes of your adjustments just in case you find your perfect cup of coffee and you will need to replicate it. 


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