Instant Coffee vs Brewed Coffee | Quick Fixes or Quality?

Instant Coffee vs Brewed Coffee | Quick Fixes or Quality?

Although coffee home brewing is increasingly becoming popular among Indian coffee lovers, many still rely on instant coffee for quick fixes. While instant coffee provides convenience, home brewing is the way to level up your coffee experience.  


For starters, instant coffee is brewed, freeze-dried and then, packed with preservatives. So, what we get is already brewed, weeks if not months before we consume it. 


In this article, let us have a closer look at the instant coffee vs brewed coffee discussion.  


Instant Coffee vs Brewed Coffee 


The allure of instant coffee lies in its convenience – a quick and effortless way to make yourself a cup of coffee. However, when it comes to the flavour and overall experience, brewed coffee takes the crown. 


One of the major shortcomings of instant coffee is its lack of freshness and aroma. As the coffee is brewed and packed with preservatives, the instant coffee lacks the intricate flavours and aroma.  


Freshly brewed coffee, on the other hand, results in a robust and flavourful cup. Besides, you can choose coffees from any roaster or estate that you like. This way, you are in full control of the flavours you want to experience in your brews. 


To understand the differences between instant and freshly brewed coffee in depth, click here. 


5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Instant Coffee 


1. Quality & Freshness


A fresh cup of coffee with quality ingredients in it is crucial to a delicious coffee experience. When it comes to instant coffee, the inherent nature of its production often compromises these crucial elements. 


Instant coffee is typically made by extracting the coffee flavours and aromas through industrial processes. This will more often than not result in a loss of the nuanced flavours that freshly brewed coffee offers. 


On the other hand, brewed coffee allows for a more intimate and controlled approach to the extraction process. With freshly ground beans and the artful act of brewing, you can preserve the depth of flavours found in the coffee beans. 


2. Customisation


One of the standout features of freshly brewed coffee is the level of customization it offers. When choosing the beans for your brews, the number of options is virtually limitless. You can experiment with different coffee beans sourced from various regions around the world.  


You can also play around with brewing techniques, grind size, water temperature, brewing time and coffee-to-water ratio. All of these can help you craft a cup of coffee that suits your personal palate.  


In essence, you can explore a vast spectrum of flavours and aromas without limiting yourself to a few labelled instant coffee manufacturers. 


3. Pocket-Friendly


When considering the cost-effectiveness of instant coffee versus brewed coffee, it is important to take into account various factors that contribute to the overall value of the coffee-drinking experience. 


At first glance, instant coffee may seem more economical due to its lower upfront cost and minimal equipment requirements. However, a closer look reveals that home brewing can offer a superior cost-to-value ratio in the long run. 


The initial investment in brewing equipment such as a coffee maker, grinder, or brewing accessories is higher. Nonetheless, they are durable and reusable, making them a cost-effective choice over time.  


In contrast, the recurring cost of purchasing pre-packaged instant coffee can accumulate over weeks and months, resulting in a higher overall expenditure. 


Furthermore, the ability to purchase coffee beans in bulk and grind them at home offers significant cost savings compared to buying individual packs of instant coffee.  


While the initial investment in brewing equipment may be higher, the long-term cost-effectiveness and value derived from factors such as superior quality, customisation and sustainability of home brewing makes it a better choice for coffee enthusiasts. 


4. Health Benefits 


In addition to its delicious taste and aromatic qualities, freshly brewed coffee also offers a range of health benefits that surpass those of instant coffee. Most importantly, the source of instant coffee is not clear most of the time. They are packed with preservatives and artificial ingredients that may not be the best for your health in the long run. 


Moreover, the ritual of brewing coffee at home can also contribute to a healthier lifestyle. By taking the time to grind and brew coffee, you can enjoy a relaxed and mindful experience. This can have positive effects on your mental well-being and reduce stress. 


5. Ritual of Coffee Home Brewing


Finally, home brewing offers a delightful ritual and immersive experience that can enhance your daily coffee routine. From the aroma of freshly ground beans to the process of brewing and savouring your own creation, home brewing offers an amazing coffee experience. It allows you to fully engage your senses and appreciate the art of coffee making.  


Final Takeaway 


In conclusion, while instant coffee provides convenience, freshly brewed coffee offers an array of benefits over quick commodity coffee.  


Freshly brewing coffee at home can significantly elevate your coffee experience. From the quality and freshness of the brew to the health benefits and cost-effectiveness, home brewing presents a compelling case for you to make the switch. 

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