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Make your own cold brew coffee at home

The cold brew season is here and this big glass of cooler is a great way to kick start a hot and balmy morning. Compared to hot-brewed coffee like drip coffee, espresso, pour-overs, cold brew coffee is made with cold water and tastes slightly sweeter and is less bitter than regular iced coffee. Cold brew coffee is wholly different from iced coffee as it requires a different extraction method. Do you want to know how? It’s actually incredibly simple.

All you need is coffee beans, grinder, 1 gallon jar and a reusable coffee filter preferably a Coffeesock or Wobh cold brew bag

It’s not just over yet, so keep reading to know more!

Step 1: Get coffee beans and grind them. To create a silky-smooth cold brew coffee, go for medium roasts that bring out the cleanest flavours. Make sure to have your beans coarsely ground as it will result in a clear liquid else it would make the coffee much cloudier if you use fine grounds.

Step 2: Now place a Coffee Sock or Wobh cold brew bag inside of a half gallon jar. Add one and half cups of grounds inside the jar, pour fresh water through the filter until the jar is full. Now close the filter using tie straps and let it submerge by closing the lid.

Step 3: Refrigerate the jar and let it steep for 12 hours. While these coffee grounds are submerged for 12 hours, the coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong concentrated brew.

Step 4: Once you’re done steeping the coffee, take the filter out of the water to get a smooth, black coffee concoction. You can use any regular coffee filter but we recommend using a Coffeesock or Wobh cold brew bag that gives the best brewed concoction without any sediments.

Step 5: Transfer the cold brew concentrate into a glass or a jar.

 Yay! You’re ready to go…Your cold brew coffee is worth the wait! You can now enjoy your cold brew coffee just the way you like it- be it on the rocks or top it up with a bit of milk and any sweetener.

So you gonna give this a try? It’s super easy.

How to make Cold brew coffee using a Coffeesock 

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