How to grind coffee with a blender?

How to grind coffee with a blender?

So you recently opened a brand new bag of whole coffee beans only to find out that your coffee grinder broke down. So, does that mean, you will not grind your beans and let go without a rich, bold cup of coffee? No way! We’ve got to tell you that there’s so much beyond a coffee grinder that you can actually enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anytime you want. There are so many ways and techniques to grind coffee beans but today we will be talking about another appliance that you likely already have and is waiting to grind those beans. Yes, it’s the coffee blender!

Read on to see how you can still make a perfectly good cup of coffee even if the only grinding equipment you have on hand is a coffee blender.

  • Measure your coffee beans
  • Determine the amount of coffee beans you will be needing. After measuring, decide on your preferred grind type, either coarse or a medium-fine grind.

    It is always better to grind the coffee beans in small batches so that the beans have ample room to move and groove and grind up real quick and nice.

  • Using the coffee blender
  • How you actually grind the coffee beans in a coffee blender will depend on what type of grind you are aiming for. All you have to do is add the beans in the coffee blender. Turn it on and let it do its magic. You will end up with a fine grind that’s ideal for using in a pour-over or French press coffeemakers.

    But if you want a coarse grind, then pulse the beans on medium speed to break up. Make sure you shake the coffee blender between each grind. Getting a coarse grind is a little complicated with a coffee blender but you can get close enough to work well for use in drip coffee makers.

  • Closely watch your coffee beans
  • It’s always important to watch your coffee beans in the coffee blender as the blender can begin to heat up easily. The excess heat of the blender can easily damage the oils in the coffee beans resulting in a bitter taste. 

  • Brew your coffee 
  • Now that you’ve finished grinding up coffee beans in the coffee blender, you are ready to brew those coffee grounds like you normally would. 

  • Clean your coffee blender after use
  • Remember to wash or clean the coffee blender thoroughly after use, else it will start to smell like stale coffee.

    Grinding coffee beans in a coffee blender is absolutely worth it to get the freshest cup of coffee possible. It makes the grinding process much easier and convenient.  

    So are you ready to experiment?

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