Grind fresh: Why you should, and everything you will need

Grind fresh: Why you should, and everything you will need

It’s safe to say that those who do not enjoy a good coffee haven’t fully explored the beverage. "Good" coffee surprisingly has little to do with the preparation and more with the quality of ingredients used. The general thumb rule here is: fresh ground coffee equals excellent taste and aroma, and here’s why.

What is in the bean?
The coffee bean is a delicate ingredient packed with flavor. If you hold a bean under a microscope, the degree of its porosity would astonish you. These open pockets are the key reason for the bean's fickleness because this allows the flavor and aroma to escape. In short, exposure to light and oxygen causes coffee to go stale, resulting in a bad brew. The shape of the coffee bean protects most mass from light and air, thus retaining flavor and aroma for a long time. The moment you grind these beans, they start losing this goodness. This is exactly why it's crucial to minimize the time between the roasting, grinding, and brewing processes.

Now that we’ve figured how freshly ground coffee impacts the taste, let’s also get another thing out in clear: a regular grinder or food processor is not ideal for coffee beans. Here are a few options to get your coffee bar going.

Manual Grinders
Hario Ceramic
List Price: Rs. 3,199.00
The Hario mini mill grinder enables you to select grind sizes from from fine to coarse. Moreover, this grinder is manual, which means you can use it anywhere, anytime. You can grind 40 grams of coffee beans with this manual burr grinder without transferring any heat to the coffee grounds.

Finum Bean Me Up
List Price: Rs. 4,999.00
Bean Me Up is another great option which lets you adjust the grind size from coarse to super fine. This device will also need less time to finish the grinding process compared to other manual grinders. Without any metal mechanism or cable, this device ensures that your coffee beans stay pure the whole time.

Cafflano Krinder
List Price: Rs. 7,999.00
Cafflano has the world's lightest metal burr grinder, so there is no better travel buddy than this one. There will be no left-behind residue irrespective of the roast or type of coffee beans. The precision-cut metal burrs of this grinder chop the coffee beans instead of crushing them.

Electric Grinders
Anfim Stepless
List Price: Rs. 59,950.00
Interestingly, the hardened steel burrs of this device can upto grind 1.5grams of coffee beans per second and being a commercial can handle some heavy duty grinding, a lot more than a kilo in a day. Even though Anfim Stepless has a grind adjustment setting, it is incredible at making fine espresso grounds. The electric shot timer in this machine lets you adjust settings for a single or double shot espresso.

Baratza Encore

List Price: Rs. 12,099.00
There are 40 individual grind settings in this device, perfect for home brewers and professionals! The motor in Baratza Encore turns slowly, preventing any heat generation. You can remove the burrs with ease, making the cleaning process simple.

Coffee grinders are a lifesaver when it comes to avoiding muddy, weird-tasting brews. As a coffee enthusiast, you deserve to enjoy this delightful beverage to its fullest - and the only way to do this is by retaining the beans' freshness!

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