Get to Know Usage of Coffee Beans

Get to Know Usage of Coffee Beans

Thinking of using all your coffee beans before they go stale? There’s so much more to making coffee beans usage fruitful. Apart from just brewing coffee with them, you can utilize the coffee beans for a plethora of other things. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to help make sure those beans don’t go waste

     1. Cover them in chocolate

Chocolate covered espresso beans are a big hit in many stores. But they tend to be quite pricey. So why not make use of your leftover espresso beans and cover them in chocolate, save money and not let the old coffee beans go to waste.

     2. Natural hair colour enhancer

Why do you want to rush to the salon to put expensive chemicals on your hair when you already have a natural hair colour enhancer in the form of coffee beans at home? The coffee that you’re ready to throw away can work wonders and can naturally dye your hair!

     3. Skin exfoliator

Now, you don’t have to shell out any more money on those expensive skin scrubs! Coffee grounds act as exfoliants. To do that, just combine coffee grounds with warm water or coconut oil and start scrubbing your skin. You can also make fancier scrubs by adding brown sugar and vanilla extract.

   4. Coffee air freshener

Who doesn’t like the smell of coffee, honestly? Imagine having an air freshener that smells like coffee. Enjoy the smell of coffee in your home with the easiest DIY coffee air freshener. All you have to do is fill old socks with coffee grounds and tie it properly.  This way it will eliminate odours in your shoes, gym bag, drawers, etc.

   5. Cleaning the kitchen

The old coffee grounds act as a cleaning scrub for your kitchen. Owing to its acidic and mild abrasive properties, the grounds help a lot in cleaning those difficult marks and make your countertops glistening and good as new.

   6. Dark circles treatment

Get rid of those dreaded under-eye dark circles with grounded coffee beans. The antioxidants found in coffee can decrease puffiness and dark circles. All you have to do is create a paste-like mixture consisting of water and ground coffee.

    7. Adding to compost

Old coffee beans or stale coffee grounds make an excellent composting material. Compounds like magnesium, copper, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen are several key minerals in coffee beans that result in healthier plants.

 By now, you already know there are tons of uses for those old coffee beans or coffee grounds. So you better think twice before throwing away your old coffee beans!

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