Find The Best Coffee Scales of 2021

Find The Best Coffee Scales of 2021

The secret ingredient to a good cup of coffee isn’t just the bean, the roast, the grind or the water – it’s also consistency and precision. And there’s no better way to achieve exactitude than with a coffee scale. It is an important part of your coffee set up, you want the correct ratio between coffee and water, and weighing your coffee is the only way to achieve this.

But knowing which one to choose can be tough, which is why we’ve put together this guide of the best coffee scales of 2021.

Varia Scale with Timer

This coffee scale is an essential item for brewing and will be a boon in extracting more coffees with your home setup. The Varia coffee scale comes packed with advanced features like quick response time, automatic power off and an ultra-clear LED display to help you achieve precision when grinding and brewing. It has a weight capacity of 3kg, perfect for all uses in the kitchen. The Varia coffee scale is both stylish and extremely functional. You can measure your coffee dose, water weight and extraction time with this coffee scale. 

Hiroia Jimmy Brewing & Espresso Scale

This is the perfect all-in-one coffee scale for both your manual pour-over and espresso use. Its detachable display and magnetic timer allows you to keep a track of the scale even if you are away from the device. A 32 bit processor on the scale connects with the Jimmy app which is easily downloadable from Apple or Google Play stores. This helps you to monitor and measure the flow rates in real-time that truly directs you to brew that delicious cup of pour-over or espresso. Being water-resistant, you need not worry about spillage on the scale when working closely with your espresso maker.

Acaia Pearl

The Acaia Pearl has definitely taken the centre stage in terms of good looking coffee scales. Its minimalistic look is designed with brilliant functionality in mind that connects with your smartphone through the Acaia app and lets you adjust the settings and keep track of the brew wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about dying batteries either since this coffee scale comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery which uses an included micro USB cable to charge. 

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer

This easy-to use yet lightweight coffee scale is beloved by pour-over enthusiasts that gives all the essential features in a sleek package. While the entire scale measures 7.4 inches by 4.7 inches, the platform space is smaller. Hario’s V60 has a built-in timer that measures both volume and pour-time that are essential for a delicious cup of pour-over coffee. This coffee scale is designed to take your manual brewing to the next level!

The Varia coffee scale with timer is our favourite model due to its great precision and timer, as well as its fast measurements that lets you enjoy your brew. Varia according to us is the best entry-level coffee scale in the market.

Enjoy your knowledge upgrade, coffee lovers! And if you have any questions related to choosing the best coffee scales, just reach out. We are just a call away!

Happy brewing!

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