Essentials To Up Your Coffee Game at Home

Essentials To Up Your Coffee Game at Home

Good coffee has an arithmetic formula to it. Adding up constants of good coffee beans to minerally treated water for a stipulated time yields a great cup of coffee. The variable factors for each constant that we must consider are the grind size, the temperature of the water, and the time needs to brew coffee. While we already have the formula in place, the execution needs certain essentials in place. At first, you may think we are kidding, but read through how these geeky inventions take away the slightest scope of glitch and lead you to a perfectly brewed coffee! Bonus, they are equal game-changers for manual or machine brewing techniques. 

1.Controlled Temperature is the first step to good coffee.

Three things determine a good extraction of coffee- grind size of the coffee beans, the temperature of water to brew the coffee, and the time it takes to brew coffee. Boiling water for coffee on a stove up is not a fair way to brew coffee. Depending upon the method of brewing, the water temperature should ideally be between 195 to 202 degrees.  

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle From Fellow does this job exquisitely. Stagg Pour-Over Kettle's beautifully functional design kicks your brewing game up a notch. Enjoy an intuitive, steady pour with Stagg's precision pour spout. Keep track of temperature with a built-in brew-range thermometer. Pour at an even, slow pace with Stagg's counterbalanced handle that moves the center of mass back towards your hand.  

2. Measure your coffee grounds.

You may ask, why scale? Isn’t it getting way too obsessive? We say, brewing good coffee is always a conscious choice one makes. If you want to prepare a good coffee, you must know how many grams of coffee you need. We assure you, once you start weighing grounds on a scale, it will be a one-way street for you. Forget measuring spoons, you will use a weighing scale to measure every recipe for your kitchen!

Varia LED scale with a timer will change your perspective on weighing. This coffee scale is an essential item for brewing and will be a boon in extracting more coffees with your home setup. The Varia coffee scale is a GEN Y weighing scale with quick response time, automatic power off and an ultra-clear LED display to help you achieve precision when grinding and brewing. The Varia coffee scale is both stylish and extremely functional. You can measure your coffee dose, water weight, and extraction time with this coffee scale. 

3. Grind size matters.

There is an undeniable relationship between coffee grounds and over or under-extracted coffee. And if we are looking at a cold brew, a less acidic coffee i.e. an over-extracted coffee is a no-brainer. While preparing a cold brew, one of our primary goals should be choosing the right grind size. When it comes to preparing a cold brew, an extra coarse coffee- like ground peppercorns, will aid you to extract the perfect amount of flavor from your coffee.

Get great grinds with the Eureka Mignon Crono Coffee Grinder. Built on the same Mignon platform as the entry-level Filtro, the Mignon Crono expands on the former's coffee grinding prowess with a discrete timer for one-touch grinding. Simply find your ideal pour-over or drip coffee grind setting, time how long your dose takes and set the side-mounted timer knob to match. Each Crono is built in sturdy metal, with hardened steel burrs and a brew-specific grind path for lower-static dosing.

4.  Espresso? Just a plunge away! 

Coffee holds a very special place in our hearts that is hard to replace. Yeah, sometimes standing in long café lines for our espresso fix can be daunting. But you know what? We can whip up a barista-style espresso at home! Yes, a plunge away.. 

Here is a French Press that allows you to brew and serve all in one! With a single press and plunge extraction and heat-resistant, high-quality Hario’s Cafe Slim Press S is the perfect coffee brewing companion. 

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