Essential tips to brew the best coffee at home

Essential tips to brew the best coffee at home

We find our daily inspiration at the bottom of a coffee mug. It brings us solace on a busy morning, shared over chatty afternoons; and is paired with chocolate on cold winter evenings. Every coffee moment is special, and we are here secret tips to make sure you get the most out of your brew.

Buy fresh and quality coffee
The coffee beans you purchase are significant deciders of the aroma and flavour of your brew. Compromising the quality of your coffee directly affects your entire coffee-drinking experience, depriving you of the richness and essence that a high-quality coffee provides. You want to buy beans in small batches, and grind them right before brewing your cup. Don’t forget to make friends with your local roaster, who will be able to give you specific information on how to best alter your brew technique according to the bean. 

Storage matters
Investing in your supreme quality coffee beans is fruitless if they are not stored right. Exposure to oxygen can lead to the beans going stale or losing their quality, so ensure that your beans are in air-tight containers, stored in a dark, cool place. If your coffee is in the fridge or freezer, you might want to get it out. There’s a chance it will absorb moisture when you do this, which will affect the taste. 

Water is an essential part
Using clean, cold water as your solvent enhances the strongness and aroma of your cup of coffee. Your coffee is mostly water, so use filtered water and skip the tap. Make sure it’s not hard, filtered but not distilled: coffee does need some minerals to brew well and taste delicious!

Grind fresh
Utilize the richness infused into your coffee by freshly grinding it with every cup instead of using pre-ground beans. Here is why - coffee is a sensitive compound. Oxygen affects the compounds that are responsible for the aroma and taste, influencing the deterioration of flavors. On top of that, exposure of pre-ground to moisture may result in it going stale completely. 

Keep your equipment clean:

Coffee beans have oil, which means that keeping your machine and coffee pots extra clean is extremely important. The oil is going to affect the flavor if you don’t clean your coffeemaker often, which might be the reason for a burnt, bitter tasting cup of Joe. Run hot water through your machine after each use, which will make the spring cleaning easier. 

Our preference of how we sip our warm cups of absolute bliss defines us, perhaps a milky latte when feeling low, or a curt espresso to heighten your work drive or the famous cappuccino on that most awaited date. We like to think of it as one of the better parts of staying at home, playing at-home Barista is experimenting with different coffees and brewing methods.  You may love the taste of your trusty Chemex, and we urge you to try a different bean or sweetener. There are so many different ways to experiment with coffee, and each of them will give you insight into how you enjoy your cup and how you can make it better!

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