Different types of coffee beans

Different types of coffee beans

The coffee bean is the heart of the coffee cherry. Knowing the coffee bean has become essential as we upgrade our coffee experience. Here is a small guide to know your beans covering the most popular ones before you shop for the next bag.  


Arabica is a species of coffee that was originally indigenous to Ethiopia with sweeter and more complex flavours. Arabica is more highly prized due to its distinguishing cup qualities that tend to be subtle, delicate, and clean. They are best suited to be brewed Pour-Over style. 




Robusta as the name suggests is more robust and grows well at lower altitudes and warmer climates. It produces a bolder cup, with a higher body and earthier flavour. It adds body to the espresso and gives a bittersweet finish. Using a Robusta as a blend along with an Arabica for Espresso is usually recommended as the coffee is still able to hold its nuances even after the addition of milk or flavours. 



Liberica accounts for only 2% of the total coffee production in the world. The coffee tree grows up to 10- 15 ft in height. It has characteristics of both Arabica and Robusta with its earthiness and sweet finish. 


Once these coffees are picked up from the farm, they are further processed. These coffees are roasted and blended by roasters. Different blends are formed to suit various palettes of customers.   

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