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Busting Myths About Green Coffee

Green coffee has always been a popular topic for discussion in the health and coffee communities, but many of you might be reading conflicting information about Green coffee, so we’re here to clear that up for you.

Let’s begin by answering what green coffee is, exactly: They are just coffee beans that aren’t roasted, and remain raw, with a peculiar taste that’s somewhat similar to tisanes. Why is it so coveted in the health community? Two words: Weight Loss.

The magic ingredient in green coffee is CGS, with evidence pointing to its ability to tackle a host of diseases including high blood pressure, obesity, alzheimers and Type 2 Diabetes. When green coffee is roasted, it loses a lot of this ingredient.  Here’s the low-down on everything green coffee.

Myth: Green coffee does not contain caffeine.

Fact: These beans are just the unroasted variation of coffee beans and contain as much caffeine as a normal cup of brew!

Myth: Green coffee aids in faster weight loss.

Fact: Yes, green coffee does help in burning fats but just like a normal black coffee, it improves your metabolism a little more. Anything in excess is not good. Limiting your green coffee intake is recommended.

Myth: Green coffee extract is just a passing trend

Fact: Sure, diet plans come and go, but this supplement is not all hype. It’s actually very simple and quite natural, as it helps boost your body’s metabolism and helps you lose weight. The extracts have been around for a while, helping people get healthier everyday. 

Myth: Green coffee does not have antioxidants.

Fact: This is not just a myth but a clear lie because green coffee has even more antioxidants than black coffee! As green coffee beans are not roasted. 

We like brewing our Green Coffee in a Turkish coffee pot or a French Press, with a dash of ginger on the side. 2021 and better gut health - here we come!

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