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Brewing Cappuccino 101

The classic Italian cappuccino is loved by all coffee drinkers and is a beverage made in thirds. A third of espresso, a third of steamed milk and foam. When it comes to recreating a cappuccino at home, you would ideally need to start with the right equipment: an espresso machine with a steamer.

Step 1: Pull the shot

Regardless of which machine you use, the first step is relatively standard. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you could also use a Moka pot.

 Step 2: Froth the milk

Pour cold milk of choice in a cold metal pitcher and gently swirl it to release any large air bubbles. Tapping it against the counter to remove air bubbles is also a good idea. Insert your steam wand at a slight angle, which will invite more air into your foam.

 Step 3: Add the milk

A barista-approved trick to bring the cappuccino together is to pour a little faster in circular motions towards the end. This will make it foamier at the top!

The drink is traditionally served warm, at approximately 65°C. While this is the traditional recipe, feel free to experiment and add your spin to it. We’re thinking cinnamon, and maybe even nutmeg?



If you don’t have a steam wand at home, don’t worry! Here is our list of ways you can froth milk at home without any fancy equipment. It may not give you the same quality of microfoam, but it works!

 We would love to hear your take on the coffee classic too.

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