Aeropress Championship and Brewing Guide – All you need to Know

Aeropress Championship and Brewing Guide – All you need to Know


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 Things Required to Brew (Inverted Aeropress) 




Coffee Beans (Ground Medium Fine) 






Total Brewing Time 




     Steps to prepare: 

  1. Pour filtered water into the kettle and bring to 90 degree Celsius temperature.
  2. Measure out the coffee beans, grind to a medium coarse setting. 
  3. Insert the Plunger end of the Aero Press into the cylindrical tube. Place the paper filter on the cap and wet it.

    coffee kettle

  4. Add in the ground coffee into the Aero Press.


  5. Start pouring the heated water until the weight of the water reaches 30 ml Ensure the timer is on. Stir and let the slurry bloom for 30 sec

6. Pour in the remaining water until the weight reaches 200 ml. Stir and leave to brew for a minute. 


 7. After a total brewing time of 1min and 45 sec. lock in the cap, place a preheated cup over the cap and invert the whole set up. 




 8. Apply pressure to the plunger in a downward vertical movement. Stop when a hissing sound can be heard. 


9. To clean the Aero Press, unlock the cap, press down on the plunger to  release the grinds and the filter paper. 


 Aeropress Championship

The AeroPress Championship and what you should know before you participate”

The World AeroPress Championship is a fan driven competition in which challengers from over 65 countries have a great time competing to make the best cup of coffee using their favourite AeroPress recipe. Each event combines intense competition with a fun party and lots of fun. Each country has it’s own regionals from where the national level competitors are selected and the winners from each country move onto the international round championship which is in March of 2022.

5 Things you need to win the AeroPress championship

  • Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle 
  • 1Zpresso K Pro
  • Varia Scale  
  • Third Wave Water 
  • The AeroPress

Visit the AeroPress corner here.

The 2019 World AeroPress Championship winning recipe, by Wendelien Van Bunnik of Netherlands.

  • Setup your AeroPress in the inverted position
  • Add 30g of coarse ground coffee
  • Add 100g of the softest water you can find, heated to 92 degrees Celsius
  • As soon as you add the water, start your timer
  • Stir vigorously with your AeroPress paddle, about 20 times
  • Put your cap on, with a rinsed paper filter and push out the excess air
  • At 0:40 flip the AeroPress onto your pitcher and plunge
  • Once all pressed, dilute your brew with 120g water at 92 degrees Celsius
  • Cool the brew by pouring it back and forth between two pitchers
  • Serve at around 60 degrees Celsius

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