9 New Year Resolution Ideas | Home Brewers Special

9 New Year Resolution Ideas | Home Brewers Special

As we step into a brand-new year, it is the perfect time to set sight on enhancing your coffee home brewing journey. From trying your hands at making intricate latte art to simply refining your brews, these New Year's resolutions are sure to elevate your coffee experience.

As the calendar by your desk changes, it is the perfect time to invest in your coffee corner!

1. Master a New Brewing Method

Whether you are accustomed to the simplicity of drip bags or the precision of a Pour Over, experimenting with a new method opens doors to a world of diverse flavours and new coffee experiences.

Each method offers a unique set of challenges and nuances. This allows you to deepen your understanding of coffee. So, this New Year, expand your coffee gear collection beyond the familiar.

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2. Grind Fresh

Grinding coffee beans fresh just before brewing is a practice that significantly enhances the flavour and overall quality of your coffee. 

Coffee beans contain volatile aromatic compounds that contribute to their rich and complex flavours. 

Grinding coffee releases these compounds, but they start to dissipate quickly. By grinding fresh, you preserve the maximum aroma and ensure a more flavorful cup. So, take your coffee home brewing journey to the next level with a coffee grinder.

Start Grinding Fresh


 3. Learn to Make Latte Art

Latte art is more than a visual addition to the coffee cup. It adds depth and artistry to the entire coffee brewing and drinking experience. It will also help you hone your milk frothing and pouring skills better.

Making latte art can be a fantastic New Year's resolution. Learning to make latte art, and eventually mastering it adds an extra layer of excitement to the coffee-making experience. Plus, it can be fun to document and share your creations on social media.

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 4. Keep a Coffee Journal

If you are looking to elevate your coffee experience with a simple step, maintaining a coffee journal can be an excellent idea. It provides you with a dedicated space to record the different techniques, coffee flavours and recipes.

This will help you explore a wide variety of flavours and discover your preferences. In time, you will achieve a more refined palate for coffee. 

Above all, documenting your brewing process, allows you to identify factors that contribute to a great cup of coffee. So, you can brew what you like consistently.

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5. Brew On-the-Go

If you dislike the idea of compromising on great coffee on your travel expeditions, learning to brew on-the-go makes the perfect New Year's resolution. It is quite easy to brew fresh coffee while you are exploring the world. There are plenty of well-crafted portable coffee brewers to help you achieve this.

Besides, brewing on-the-go puts you in control of your coffee experience, regardless of your location.

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6. Diversify Your Bean Collection

You can broaden your horizons in terms of coffee tasting by exploring different coffee beans. By venturing beyond your usual go-tos, this New year can be the time to start exploring new coffees. 

This way, you can appreciate the nuances unique to each bean and elevate your palate. Plus, you can drink diverse cups of coffee as you please at the comfort of your home.

Add Coffee Beans to Your Collection

 7. Experiment with Flavoured Infusions

If you like flavourful beverages, you can start experimenting with flavoured infusions. Whether it is adding spices like cinnamon or cardamom to your grounds or exploring syrups and extracts, you can level up your beverages with these.

Besides, this resolution can transform your coffee brewing into a delightful experiment, introducing a spectrum of exciting and unexpected flavours to your daily cup.

Explore Flavoured Recipes

 8. Build a Brew Corner

Building a dedicated brew corner is a resolution that can transform your coffee ritual into a mindful and aesthetic experience.

You can create a space where all your brewing essentials are within reach. Here, you can arrange your grinder, brewing equipment, and favourite mugs. This resolution adds a touch of intentionality to your coffee routine, making each brew a special and organised affair. It also serves as a constant reminder to savour the process as much as the end result.

If you already have a brew corner, you can expand it!

Perk Up Your Home Coffee Counter

 9. Join a Coffee Community

Resolving to join a coffee community whether online or in your friendly neighbourhood cafe can be an amazing step in your home brewing journey. This allows you to connect with fellow enthusiasts. It opens doors for you to engage in discussions, share your brewing experience and learn from others.

Moreover, it can help you discover new ideas, techniques and perhaps even coffee beans you might not have stumbled upon on your own.

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Final Takeaway

Whether you are mastering a new brewing method or joining a coffee community, each resolution is a step towards enhancing your coffee home brewing journey.

May your home brewing experience be joyful and the brews delectable. So, cheers to a year of perfecting your craft and enjoying the delightful world of coffee. Happy brewing in the new year!

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