5 Best Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas 2023 | Home Brewers’ Edition

5 Best Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas 2023 | Home Brewers’ Edition

The season to share love and shower gifts to your loved ones is here. So, what better way to celebrate it than gifting a carefully curated Christmas Gift Hamper?

In this article, we present a delightful array of Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas tailored exclusively for the coffee lover in your life who needs a nudge to start their coffee home brewing journey. We also have assorted gifts for those who would want to level up their coffee game.

1. Home Brewer's Box

All that your coffee enthusiast friend needs

This makes the perfect gift pack for the coffee lover in your life who is looking to start their home-brewing journey. They can brew, drink and track their progress with this kit.​

What's in the Box?

Brew Bag, Mug, Coffee (70 grams), Journal, Coaster​

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2. Pour Over Hamper

Share them the joy of the most delicate cups of coffee

This hamper has everything one needs to brew and enjoy delicate cups of coffee. It includes a Hario V60 brewer and filter papers which enhances the whole coffee experience.​

What's in the Box?

Hario V60 (Clear), Filter Paper (100 pack), Coffee (70 grams), Coaster, Journal​

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3. French Press Kit

Start a journey of coffee brewing with your family

The French Press Kit is the best way to kick-start a home coffee brewing journey. The kit is complete with everything one needs to brew bold cups of coffee and enjoy it in the comfort of their home. 

What's in the Box?

Budan French Press (350 ml), Coffee (70 grams), Mug, Journal, Coaster

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4. Moka Pot Starter Pack

Share the pack for creamy, espresso-like coffee at home

Gift this to a loved one who enjoys creamy, espresso-like coffee. The kit includes a Moka Pot and a journal to help them keep a check on their coffee brewing and tasting journey.​

What's in the Box?

Budan Moka Pot (Black), Coffee (70 grams), Journal, Coaster​

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5. Something's Brewing Explorer's Box

Gift your loved one this coffee adventure packed in a box

Something's Brewing Explorer's Box will help your loved ones experiment as they enjoy great cups of coffee. The box contains small quantities of coffee from various roasters across the country. The coffees are curated by our partner roasters and in-house coffee experts.

What's in the Box?

4 coffees of 50 grams pack and a mini guide to help in tasting & identifying taste notes

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Final Takeaway

This Christmas, embrace the spirit of giving by sending your loved ones some amazing coffee gift hampers. Amidst the hustle of the holidays, our curated gift hampers promise to deliver freshly brewed happiness in the comfort of your home.

Elevate the festive spirit with these thoughtful presents. Bring together all your loved ones over a warm and delightful cup of coffee!

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