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7 Reasons Why Your First Date should be at a Coffee Shop

Congratulations!! It’s great you finally got the courage to ask that special someone out and they’ve said yes. Now comes the hard part: planning the first date. There is a fine line between planning it well to show how much you’re interested, but also not over-planning it which could make you look like you’re trying too hard. Cracking the first date is a science, really (don’t quote us on that) — and we are here to tell you why yours should be at the local coffee shop.

Easy on the pocket

This is the ultimate solution to dating on a budget, because there’s no reason to spend lavishly on a first date if you don’t want to. Think about how a cup of specialty coffee compares to going to the movies or going for a dinner date. When you start to add things up, a coffee date sounds like a really good idea.

Nothing to lose

Okay well not *nothing* but if it doesn’t go well, you’ve wasted about an hour of your day. There’s still plenty of time to do something fun with the rest of it. Unlike if your dinner date turns into a creepy person a few hours in, and sigh — there goes your entire Saturday night. 

You can always extend the date

What we love about afternoon coffee dates is that you can always prolong it if it’s going well. Cups of coffee can turn into dinner which can turn into you obsessively Pinterest-ing on your secret wedding board. Don’t forget to send us an invite!

You can judge them by their order

How do they behave with the barista? Do they take their coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles? Or do they like it black with no cream and sugar? You can tell a lot about your prospective partner by their order, and you know it’s probably not going to work out if they order a *gasp* … decaf. Let’s just hope your date was worth it.

You’re sober and alert

We know what they say about relaxing on a first date but maybe a glass of wine will help you relax a little too much. The caffeine will leave you more excited than you usually are, which will keep the conversation going, and not end in you (possibly) oversharing or being brutally honest.

Perfect for conversation

There is something about a coffee shop that is perfect for conversation. There’s plenty of people around so it’s not awkward, yet it’s intimate enough for a first date. Shoutout to the non intrusive, mellow music so you’re not left screaming into each others ears at noisy bars.

You can make an escape

If it’s not going so well leaving a coffee date to do something after is understandable. It’s the probably in the afternoon and people have lives to get to, after all. Not so much when your dinner date has taken a turn for the weird and you have to fake a “flatmate emergency” to leave… did someone say awkward?

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