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Freshly squeezed lemon, organic cane sugar and organic ginger are brewed for 3 to 5 days to provide a delicious helathy beverage for the entire familys consumption

Third Culture Coffee is a coming to life of a dream and deep passion for coffee that has been brewing for the longest time in our lives. It is our attempt to transcend borders, bring together the tradition and history of cultures with the allure and mystique of coffee. Our mission is simple, to bring the world together , one sip at a time.
Third Culture was born in Seattle, WA USA in 2017 where we wanted to democratize speciality coffee, by making it more approachable and diverse. We celebrate coffee as it is enjoyed across cultures around the world for decades if not centuries. Being a SCA certified roaster and having won numerous awards with our café in Seattle Washington, we are excited to launch our e commerce segment where we are focusing on bringing you the best cup - at home.
We believe in community and supporting local business's and farmers. We work very closely with Kalledevapura Estate in selecting the right beans, creating the right blends , creating the right profiles from the season's crop - a team effort focused on bringing the best cup of coffee out to you.