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Recommended Brewing Equipment - Aeropress, Pour Over, V60, French press

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Saltoro's Coffee range is 100% Single Origin Indian coffee that inspires art, culture and sustainable thinking.

We, as Indians, are hugely proud of the fact that some of the world’s finest coffee is grown right here in India, and this lies at the heart of Saltoro. We want to show you how great coffee can taste when passion and dedication come together to create something amazing in a cup. We decided that it was time for Indians to drink high-quality coffee, poured by professionally trained baristas, using quality beans roasted with pride by a skilled artisan roaster.

Our range of coffee is inspired by all-time classical music composers that sync well with the tasting notes you will taste in each sip - be it light, medium, medium dark or the dark espresso. Saltoro's legendary patterns are a deep reflection of the Indian lands, of both - the vernacular past & the technologically advanced future. Take a sip for yourself and take a trip into the most remotest lands in the Indian Subcontinent.