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Baba Budangiri


Recommended Brewing Equipment- Cold Brew

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For those who like to chill. Our cold brew blend has a bold taste that lingers on the palette with notes of cherry and chocolate.No fancy name required here, this blend is for those who like to brew their coffee cold. Built with purpose, steeped overnight for a smooth coffee experience.

This blend is medium dark roasted and works well if had with a few cubes of ice and a splash of water. You can always experiment by adding milk or cream, depending on your mood.

Cold Brew Blend is made with 100% shade-grown, single origin, AAA Grade Arabica. Available as whole beans or ground for your choice of equipment.

Korebi was created to make artisan coffee accessible for everyone. Born out of boundless love for coffee, we aim to bring the best directly from the farm to your cup. Inspired by the third wave coffee movement, we focus on all aspects of the process: sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. We source the finest quality coffee and create unique blends just for you.