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Recommended Brewing Equipment- South Indian filter

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60% ARABICA / 40% ROBUSTA. This is a rich, strong and robust coffee blend influenced by the South Indian tradition of coffee drinking. No chicory added. Our Southern Blend makes a unique robust espresso with a fruity finish. This blend is great with milk, but is also nice as a black coffee that’s slightly on the deeper side.

Our Southern Blend was originally created for cafes and wholesale use as a part of our Doppio sub brand, now available for you to use at home. Comes in signature Doppio packaging!

Espresso Blend is shade-grown, single origin, AAA Grade 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta. Available as whole beans or ground for your choice of equipment

Korebi was created to make artisan coffee accessible for everyone. Born out of boundless love for coffee, we aim to bring the best directly from the farm to your cup. Inspired by the third wave coffee movement, we focus on all aspects of the process: sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. We source the finest quality coffee and create unique blends just for you.