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Koffie Genetics Meister Clean

Medium Roast | Chikmaglur

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Notes of Orange Peel, Sweet Lime, Caramel

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South Indian Filter

Cold Brew

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100% Certified Organic, Sln795 & kavery, Tat Tvam Asi Organic Farm

We are proud to present Meister Clean, it’s a 100% certified organic coffee from our producer partner, Tat Tvam Asi Organic Farms. Nestled in the heart of Bhadra Forest Range where it gets as wild as possible. It’s not only organic but also proof of coexistence with wild Animals Visiting the Estate in the Calm of the Night. The estate follows Organic Farming based on Sustainable Principles of Permaculture with its strong aim to Conserve & Promote Biodiversity through Organic/Agro-Forestry, they are an Off Grid farm producing their own Electricity with their own Hydro Power Plant, with Annual Reforestation till date they have planted more than 16000 trees and counting.

This coffee is a washed Micro Lot, with an SCA Score of 84.25, in the cup it has Orange Peel, Honey, Caramel Undertones. It is a Clean and a Well Balanced Coffee with Citrusy and Bright Acidity. The Aftertaste is amazingly long where you find yourself still enjoying it even after a few minutes of sipping the coffee. We Love having this coffee as a pour-over using a Kalita Wave because it highlights the brightness very well.





Orange Peel, Sweet Lime and Caramel







Koffie Genetics is a curious little coffee roasting company based out of Bangalore, India. We are committed to great tasting coffee for passionate coffee lovers. We source 100% fully transparent specialty coffee from reliable producers and estates, who either follow environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods with zero tolerance towards usage of chemical pesticides or are 100% Certified organic farms. Working closely with these producers helps us get a better understanding of the terrier and unveil the post harvest process of the coffee. This truly helps us learn and unlock the potential of these aromatic coffees. We absolutely devour the complexities of flavours that our coffees offer, and we also enjoy the connection and community it creates. We make sure to Slow roast our coffee in small batches. We create unique roasting profiles for each of the coffees to achieve a fine balance of sweetness, acidity and fullness. Making sure you get to taste the best coffee on your palate. We want to roast coffees we're truly proud of serving you.



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