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Recommended Brewing Equipment - Cold Brew, French Press, Moka Pot

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- Pure Delight - 100% Arabica with Fruity, Citrus And Cocoa Notes

- The Coffee Has A Smooth Body With Mild Acidity And A Perfectly Balanced Flavour

- Freshly Roasted On Order

- Altitude: 1000-1500M

- Processing: Washed

- Location: Chikmangalur, India
Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is a premium coffee. It represents the “best of the best” washed Arabica coffees from India. The beans are extra-bold which denotes that 90 percent are larger than 7.5 mm (19 screen) in size, and 100 percent larger than 6.65 mm (17 screen). The grade doesn’t permit any peaberries, bits, blacks, or extraneous matter.

- Your Specialty Pick: Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

- Variant: Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold or ‘Plantation AAA’ Grade 100% Arabica

- Roast Level: Dark Roast

- Grind Size: Cold Brew Grind Size

- Tasting Notes: High Acidity, Slight Spiciness, Smooth, Buttery with a Mocha Overtone

- At Home Blend, we source our Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold beans at about 3,200 feet of elevation from the Baba Budan region of Chikmagalur.

- Also known as ‘Elephant Beans’ theses nuggets are considered specialty beans as they are carefully picked and sorted for quality, size and defects.

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