Nutty, Balanced, Earthy




Beans are processed with the monsoon rains.


Malabar Coast

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- Pack Of 10 Drip Bags Pre-Filled With Freshly Roasted, Ethically Sourced Premium 100% Specialty Grade Arabica

- Filters And Coffee Grounds Are Completely Biodegradable And Compostable

- Freshly Roasted On Order

- A Single Drip Bag Brews 180 ml

- This is a Vegetarian product

- Single-Serve, Easy Pour, Pour Over Coffee Bags - Freshly Roasted Coffee Grounds In a Bag, No Additional Equipment Required, Just Add Hot Water

- Highly Aromatic, - The Coffee Has A Medium - Heavy Body | Nutty, Balanced, Earthy Flavour Notes

- Heavy body, low acidity, and a mellow, pleasant, earthy flavour

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