Super Bold, Ashy, Burnt Wood & Dark






Best Brewed As - Cold Brew, Whole Beans, Turkish, etc.

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It just gets Darker here now. A few degrees darker than Vienna profile. We stretch this coffee beyond the 2nd Crack ( what is a crack in coffee - blogs up soon here) Also a few seconds longer and we might get fire in our drum! So we be real careful ;) Further roasting after 2nd crack carbonizes some of the fibers in the coffee beans leading to a charcoal kind of flavour.

Coffee at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters endeavors to empower Indian Coffee Farmers with a no middle-men approach - sourcing directly from them. Roasting for us is Art, Science, and Craft, we keep experimenting with various new proles and techniques every time. We are extremely Quality centric so every coffee after roasting is cupped and graded. While coffee taste is subjective, transparency is our philosophy and we live by it. Roasting coffee isn’t new , what is new are the techniques and breaking out of all preconceived notions. We don’t claim to be the pioneers but we certainly claim that we have done our homework , climbed our ropes with passion and all now we want is translation of passion into your coffee. Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a brand built by people, fueled by passion and works on Quality, a good amount of Coffee and Insanity.