Strawberries, a hint of chocolate and Almonds


Medium Roast




Best Brewed As - Filter , Espresso

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Grown at an altitude of around 4430 ft. in the gorgeous shevaroy hills of tamil nadu, the Moganad estate is set amidst , macadamia, silver oak, and orange trees, creating a scenery as breathtaking and intricate as their coffee itself. Mr. Mohan Rajes, who is the fourth generation planter, takes immense pride in producing some of the finest coffees in the region using innovative and modern processing methods. Mr. Rajes is assisted by his sons Navin, Ashok, and Kamalesh who are the fifth generation. This coffee has delicate flavour notes, and is great as a filter and as an espresso! Do try it with a splash or a spot of milk!

We are speciality coffee roasters form Chandigarh. We work with amazing farmers who put their heart and soul into their coffees, and in turn we do our best to roast the coffees to make them as delicous as possible.