Service Policy

All machines sold on the website are eligible for 1 year of warranty, effective from the date when the customer first receives the product. If there is any issue with the product while operating, customer can reach out to the customer support team via a call/ mail/ WhatsApp.

The standard warranty covers the service engineer’s visit fee, and the cost of any defective part of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Services conducted on machine due to electrical failures is not covered under the warranty, and the spares required will be additionally billed.

Process to raise claims for service

  1. Customer reaches out to our support team via email/ call/ WhatsApp to raise a complaint with their product. Please keep a copy of your purchase invoice handy before you give us a call.

  2. SB support team collects the required information including order details, customer details, and issue [within the next working day]

  3. SB support team raises a ticket on the internal tool and a service engineer is assigned based on geographic availability [within the next 2 working days]

  4. The service engineer calls the customer and confirms a date and time for the visit [within the next 2 working days]

  5. During the site visit, the service engineer will attempt to resolve the issue. If she/ he does not have the spare required, an order will be placed with our service team on the same day. The resolution of the issue will be subject to part availability and shipping the part to the customer’s location.

  6. In case the machine needs to be brought back to the service station, customer is responsible to pack the machine for shipping, as per the ‘Returns Policy’ and customer’s geographic proximity to the service station.

  7. In the service interim, no spare machine will be provided for the customer.

  8. Charges

    1. All charges for transport of machines under warranty will be borne by the company, while machines out of warranty will be borne by the customer.

    2. If the product is under warranty, the service engineer’s visit is not charged. If the product is out of warranty, the service engineer’s visit is chargeable up to 1500/- per visit.

    3. All spares and consumables will be additionally billed to the customer on actuals.